This Voldemort Fan Film Deserves An Official Spin-off

GIF: Tryangle Films/YouTube

If this doesn't become an official thing somehow, we are all the poorer.

Voldemort: Origins of the Heir first popped up around a year ago, proposing to answer one simple question: when did Tom Riddle turn into Voldemort? It was a high quality production, but only a teaser, and so everyone was left in the wind, waiting to learn how the Dark Lord truly rose up.

Now, we can all find out. Origins of the Heir was fully released over the weekend, offering 50 minutes of high quality action into one of the darker elements of the wizarding universe. There's a few bits and pieces that don't quite fit, like talk about sneaking into a Soviet Aurors department. The original acting wasn't in English either, which makes some of the scenes look substantially off.

Still, it's a high quality production. High enough that it's hard not to imagine what a proper look into a Voldemort spin-off would look like, one that broke away from the confines of Hogwarts but still remained that British sense of villainy.

Tryangle Films had already reached an agreement with Warner Bros to release the fan film on YouTube, so there's no risk of the movie coming down. Hopefully that relationship doesn't end here either, although even if Warner Bros doesn't run with the ball from here, you have to appreciate how good fan films are these days.


    I had a quick look but I couldn’t deal with the dub. The voice acting is wooden and isn’t processed well enough, which means it’s too dry to feel like it fits in the scenes. I’m also one of those people who just can’t deal with mouth movements and dialogue not lining up, so I have an instant aversion to dubs... It looks nice though.

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