When Your Monster Hunter: World Character Looks Different In-Game

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In more and more games, the character creation tools are amazing. You can craft cool, cute and, yes, sexy-looking characters. But what if your creations look slightly different when in the field? Bummer!

As pointed out by Monster Hunter YouTuber Gaijin Hunter, some folks are feeling letdown by how their character creations appear to change.

The discrepancy might be because, as Gaijin Hunter adds, the custom faces might look good from one angle, but less so at other ones.

So, these could be unflattering angles. Also, it looks like certain face types and hairstyles end up slightly different in-game. But hey, there isn't the same gap for everyone! Many people's characters turned out a-ok.

But this Twitter user, for example, claimed to have spent 90 minutes making a character, only to be disappointed by how the character looked in-game. The expectation is that the character should look exactly the same, I guess.

This tweet has gone viral in Japan as has this one.

Another viral tweet compared it to photo filters that make selfies look better.

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This Twitter user wanted to make a "cool woman type," but was let down by the in-game result.

Here are more disappointed Monster Hunter: World players, with comparisons via Twitter and 2ch (here and here), Japan's largest online forum. Some of the in-game characters, mind you, look totally fine!

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[Image: Twitter]

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[Images: 2ch]

Just think of character creation as its own game, and then you'll never be let down.


    Ah the disappointments of the young and sexy avatars. Just craft a crusty old mate like I did.

    Pro tip
    1. Check the different backgrounds while zoomed out and make sure to test the expressions thoroughly.
    2. You will still look like smacked arse anyway but at least you tried.

    Surprisingly, my Mass Effect Andromeda character looks pretty hot in game as well.

    quick question - are these issues console specific?
    90% of them are from Japan it would seem - so is this something that is only happening on PS?

    I have check a bunch of screen shots of my wife and I characters from a hunt on the xbone - and theyre pretty spot on.

    I wonder if its an in game res issue?

      I think you're right - it probably has to do with level of detail and draw distances. The character creator probably renders it all with higher poly counts and better quality shaders, but in game where there's much more stuff to render, it probably substitutes a lower poly mesh that approximates the high res one.

      Or maybe it just deliberately fucks everything up for the lulz, I dunno haha.

        That would be 99% likely the case. (Add in different lighting and stuff, going from the omniscient creation room to the real world~)

      Fair call, I doubt the level of detail in the creator is maintained at all times
      (And most people I know chose frame rate over graphics, I didn't and havent suffered anything bad yet)

      Nah its not console specific. Every character you make looks kind of off in Game.. I spent too much of my life testing this out.. Even the presets looks "unnatural" with the facial expression.

      I don't think there is much you can do. The polygon count for the character creator of course is much higher than what is in game. In game is just an approximation. The thing that makes it look terrible is the unnatural expression.. They should have just made it neutral.. in all cases.

      I ended up just ensuring my neutral face looks decent.


      though i am interested to see yours in game and character creation screen looks.. you say it is spot on, this is contrary to my experience.

      Last edited 30/01/18 2:52 pm

        are you running xbox one x or standard?

        Hunting the ajanath last night and checked again - co op team mates are rendered as they look.

        and when my wife stuffs around with my character giving them beards and tattoos, they present in full detail.

        I'm running the one x w/ graphic quality option.
        I wonder if this is when people select the performance/frame rate instead?

        Happy to post my pics - but quick google search seems to indicate its an issue with the non-ps4 pro. Could be due to the fact ive got a one x im not seeing this issue.

        All the examples i can find on the web though are pointing at PS though...

          I’m on the one x.. with graphics resolution..

          Worth to note my current toon doesn’t look bad.. it’s when they show emotional expression like laughing, that it kinda looks off

            yeah, the expression animation doesnt translate well i agree, but its not the horror show that being tweeted.

            After more googling today, it definitely is a limitation on the PS4 hardware.
            The pro is better, but not that much

            The Xbox one s - no real articles so i cant comment.
            Only one x issue seems to be the HDR white washing.

              Lucky that’s the only thing I don’t have with my setup.. hdr..

              Overall it’s just a minor issue.. the rest of the game is superb.

    Surely that's not just differences in lighting, all of them seem to have much chubbier looking faces.

    I didn't notice any issues with my character's face. One thing that sticks out to me is that I have a PS4 Pro - is it possible that the standard PS4 cuts corners on the character model during hunts/certain scenes, on the basis that you won't see it much?

    Destiny 1 and 2 have the exact same problem- high quality models when you MAKE the character, but terribly ugly and low-quality ones in-game. So frustrating.

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