A Historical Primer For Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a medieval RPG without the tribulations of fantasy settings or magic. But it's also set in the kingdom of Bohemia, which you might not be hugely familiar with.

Bohemia is an area in the west of (what is now called) the Czech Republic, sometimes called the Czech Kingdom. It's the area in which Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set, and consequently some of the history sets the stage for the game.

As soon as the game starts, you learn that you're in the period where Charles IV has died. In real life, Charles IV passed away in 1378 and the Count of Luxembourg was elected afterwards.

But Kingdom Come: Deliverance takes place amid the power struggle that engulfed Bohemia immediately after Charles IV's death. The latest episode of Game Anatomy goes into greater detail about the political machinations that set the backdrop for Kingdom Come. It's a great primer if you're interested in the game, or curious but not sure what it's all about.

MrStainless001's Game Anatomy series is worth a watch if you enjoy deep dives into some of the granular detail behind the lore of different games. The most recent video prior to this covered the origin of the pirates code in Sea of Thieves. Pirates had a healthcare plan, apparently, although I'm not sure if that covered being shot out of a cannon.


    I hope this game is as good as it looks.

      I get a feeling it may be a bit clumsy, animations and combat especially seem pretty rough. The setting seems cool and I hops I am wrong I just haven't got huge expectations.

    Keen to play it but they've botched the Kickstarter launch for a lot of people I can't seem to get the code I should get. My mate, who bought it last night can play straight away when it releases whereas myself who purchased it a year(s) ago I think? Will most likely not be able to play it on launch.

    I read in the forms the Xbox code will drop at launch. But the steam and PS 4 ones have already

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