Community Review: Kingdom Come Deliverance

Medieval RPGs that try to lean on the side of history and realism don't come along all that often.

That's been the pitch with Kingdom Come: Deliverance, at any rate. How well it works really depends on your patience. It's maybe best described as a scrappy game, with a bunch of systems that sometimes work against the player, and a host of bugs that serve to frustrate.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Has Some Problems

I've been excited about Kingdom Come for a long time. Since it was first announced back in 2013, the idea of a historical RPG with simulation leanings sounded fun as hell. Now that it's out, though, I'm a lot less excited.

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That said, plenty of people are enjoying the hell of KCD. And as someone who used to go to LANs and play the odd round of Mount & Blade before and after lunch, I totally get it. It's a great setting and the game eschews a lot of hand-holding that fans of this sort of game genuinely love.

It's not every day you have to wash your clothes in an RPG to make a good impression on an NPC, after all.

Plenty has been said about the game's heavy performance demands, to the point where I've seen some people remark that KCD might be the new Crysis. (Given that it's built on CRYENGINE, that's pretty apt.) It'll be fun to see how the new Volta GPUs - due out later this year - tackle Warhorse's open-world.

How have you found Kingdom Come: Deliverance so far?

A Mod That Fixes Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Stingy Saves

It's never fun when a game is stingy with saves, as people are discovering with Kingdom Come. Deliverance. Fortunately, there's already a mod to fix that.

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    Does anyone have this on Xbox One X? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

      Enjoying it so far, biggest tip though don't expect it to be like skyrim, and don't even try combat until you actually have the quest to learn. Even then train as much as you can with the same npc that taught you the basics.

      Lockpicking is getting an update to make it easier, its a bit shit.

      Pickpocketing is also a bit shit.

      Archery is hard but satisfying when you learn how to adjust for sway and drop, (and your lack of experience).

      All in all most of the games mechanics are brutal to learn brutal to master but hella satisfying when you do.

      I have the game on the Xbox One X and its pretty amazing to see this game running pretty well on a console to say the least. The frame rate is stable most of the time and game runs at a dynamic 1440p resolution, alongside some rather great graphics. The lighting compared to any ps4 version is top notch. Not sure what you wanted to hear from me about the Xbox One X version but I'd say this is by far the best console version of the game. A few notes; the game has quite a few bugs in its current state and lockpicking is almost impossible, but all this should be getting fixed in the next few weeks (apparently 1 week-ish). They're also adding a neat 'Save and Quit' feature which should make it easy to stop playing the game in a rush or to just save for any other reason. I hope this was enough. If you want me send you clips on Xbox, you can add 'SkuseyMoosey' if you want.

    Only put like 4hrs into the PS4 version yesterday (just out of the tutorial area) So far I'm really enjoying it! I prefer the story / historical elements way more than Skyrim's monsters. I haven't hit any glitches yet touch wood, or maybe I just haven't noticed. Love the multiple ways to tackle quests without spoiling it I thought I was screwed myself with one quest due to still not getting lock picking done right. In fact that and the saving is really my only gripe, I understand what you need to do for lock picking but it seems stupidly complex for such a little task. I will keep trying at it until it clicks hopefully. All in all I would recommend people try it, whats it accomplishes is amazing imo

      ...the saving is really my only gripe

      This. So much this.

      I think I read the developers are considering changing lockpicking and saving.

      My advice for lock-picking is to focus on the rotating lock and watch the gold icon with your peripheral vision. Once you gain a few levels, lock-picking becomes easy. Im on pc though and i would imagine its a lot harder with a controller.

    If you're on PC, get the saving mod.
    I think after a few weeks of patches and updates this game will be really cool. It's very decisive, definitely won't be for the majority of gamers. It's not easy - and I mean that both in terms of difficulty and patience required.

      Just brew your own schnapps, don't need a mod, it's not too hard.

        It's not too hard after you've already sunk dozens of hours into the game progressing out of the prologue and learning how to fucking read in-game, and have somehow managed to find enough of the ingredients.

        For anyone who wasn't beta testing for three years or doesn't play games with their controller in one hand and community wikis on their phone in the other, it IS hard.

        The mod fixes a problem that shouldn't fucking exist.

          You don't actually NEED to learn how to read the recipie. The words are all there in order, just the letters in each word are jumbled, if you're of a mind to puzzle it out the only tough bit is getting some belladonna, which can be purchased in limited amounts from the herb seller every day.
          When I first saw the save system I thought F*** THAT! and was prepared to go find a mod, but with a little bit of lateral thinking I worked my way around it. I found out all this by myself, without looking anything up on wikis.
          I like it because it gives me an incentive to save less, thus increasing the stakes. I lost about an hour of gameplay today because I was loaded up with a full deer carcass full of meat then I ran across a band of Cumans who knocked me off my horse and killed me, my fault for being too much of a tight arse to save, even though I had 18 bottles of schnapps on hand.

          Each to their own, but as a quicksave addict who routinely finds himself hitting F5 even when I'm playing MMO's I find it a refreshing change of pace.

    I grabbed it on PC, and installed the save mod. Best. Fucking. Idea. Ever.
    Not being able to quicksave with F5 is one thing, sure, force you to do some calculating etc... but the game spends literally fucking hours pretending to be a movie.

    It's an excellent movie! Their facial animations are reguarly Witcher level quality in the more emotionally-intense cut-scenes. They put a LOT of effort into natural gestures, etc. They somehow managed to make a bunch of middle-aged white dudes with grey hair somehow look and sound distinctly unique without turning them into cartoonish charicatures. The thing really does show off its awareness of emotional subtlety early-on. There's some great voice-acting, if you can ignore the inexplicably weird mish-mash of accents.

    But it's still fifteen fucking minutes here, ten minutes there, and then a solid god damn 20minutes without being able to regain control without skipping very important plot/character development, which is arguably the whole point of even being there.

    Ignore the apologists for the fuck-awful save system, it really is the fucking pits. These are not SHORT times you are spending in between the option to save. You don't even get the option to save unlocked until you're a good bloody hour into the thing. Thankfully, I've been able to mod that out, but I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have a crunchy PC to run it on, and are instead forced to use fuck-awful base game on the console. The only ray of light there is that the lead developer tweeted that he'd heard the feedback on the save system and was planning on implementing a 'save on quit' system so that someone other than dwellers can actually enjoy playing the thing without having to leave it open in a menu every time Real Life intrudes on your limited gaming time and hoping that your system stays stable until you're ready to pick it up again.

    How's it play, though?

    Fascinating, really. It's really refreshingly similar to the investigation missions in The Secret World - you get given directions, then it's up to you to follow them with only a vague map marker at best. It does tutorialize itself pretty well in terms of popping up (an initially overwhelming barrage of) tips and codex entries about the impact of the Survival systems (hunger, food poisoning/food freshness, energy vs nourishment, the dangers of over-eating, the impact of cleanliness on your charisma and stealth). And early on it makes sure you're never asked to undertake tasks appropriate for your level, equipment, familiarity with the game.

    There's still shit it doesn't explain, of course. I had a fucking mongrel of the time with my first fist-fight because one of the things the game doesn't tell you is that if you get too close to an NPC in a brawl, they'll automatically knee you in the fucking head, but you don't have the option to do the same, because fuck you, peasant. It ends up just seeming like a really unfair advantage that you can't counter except by staying too far away to land blows - what it doesn't tell you is that you can really only win the fight by strafing and throwing jabs, despite having told you about the other options you have available to you (but which won't work, because you're too shit to use them now).

    It's also a little out of order, in places. I'd been picking locks for days before it finally gave me a tutorial-training session with a shit-load of free levels. Same for archery.

    The fact that the 'tutorial' lasts for several hours before you go back to the start area and get your first real credits roll is pretty frustrating, too. But I'm crazy keen to get back into it. I actually want to know what happens to this character, and grind up points on new systems I haven't even encountered yet.

      Word reviews are good and all, but everyone knows the only reviews that actually count are the ones with arbitrary numeric scoring. So how many transients out of a Union Pacific boxcar would you rate this game in its current state?

        Enough transients to start a hobo-fight tourney, at least.

          How big a hobo-tourney though? Enough for a knockout tournament, or just round robin group type qualification? Hobo Boxing Council, or Springfield Hobo Boxing Association level?

          Hobo-tourney is a solid rating to be sure, but the devil is in the detail.

    Really enjoying it so far playing on PC. Haven't bothered with the save mod, fast travelling back to my bed takes 20 seconds so its not as big of a deal as everyone's making it out to be. You can also craft your own schnapps for cheap at the alchemy bench.

    Story and characters are surprisingly good, though the voice acting and facial animations are a bit off sometimes. Nothing that impacts my enjoyment though.

    Combat is great unless you're fighting against multiple enemies.


      Well, looks like rule one of fighting multiple people at once is observed for once.

      Rule 1 for fighting multiple people at once: Don't.

    It must be selling well considering JB apparently have 3 copies left in Melbourne/Victoria

      Nah, it just had next to no advertising or promotion, four EB games stores near me didn't get many copies because it wasn't expected to sell well.
      Each store only got 3-4 copies including the preorders, sold better than expected, probably a sleeper hit but not really surprising that they sell out with such limited stock.

        Ahhh that makes more sense when she said 3 copies left she must have meant 3 copies in store on release day. I hope they get more soon!

          its reached 95K concurrent players on steam earlier today, late yesterday. enought to make it the number one game on steam thus knocking PUBG to rank 2

    I was mostly in for it until it literally made me sit and watch a sundial make ten slow turns over the course of fifteen minutes to 'simulate' my ten-day jail time. That was too much for me. Realism is great, but that's just ridiculous.

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