Don’t Worry, Your Age Of Empires Cheats Still Work

Don’t Worry, Your Age Of Empires Cheats Still Work

The only Age of Empires army you’ll ever need.

Good news: Age of Empires comes out again next week, and you can still cheat your way through the campaign like it’s 1997.

Age of Empires doesn’t officially launch until Monday, and despite having to deal with the awkwardness of the Microsoft Store it’s a relatively faithful experience.

That means – much like StarCraft Remastered – the game is pretty much as you remember it, just with a UI that scales better and much sharper sprites. And it also means you can still cheat to your hearts content:


For those who genuinely want to roll over the Romans, Minoans and every other ancient civilisation with a bottomless bank, here’s the cheats you’ll need:

COINAGE – 1000 gold
WOODSTOCK – 1000 wood
QUARRY – 1000 stone
REVEAL MAP – Reveals whole map
DIEDIEDIE – Armageddon (basically)
RESIGN – Player resigns
NO FOG – Removes fog of war from revealed terrain
STEROIDS – All units and upgrades build instantly
HOME RUN – Win the scenario/mission

Of course, AOE cheats also allowed you to be a little more … creative. As of the last 24 hours, these cheats also work in the campaign and custom scenarios:

GAIA – Control all animals on the map (but lose control of your player faction)
BIGDADDY – Spawns a car (that does 300 damage)
BIG MOMMA – Spawns a white car (that does 50 damage)
STORMBILLY – Spawns a mech/robot/T-1000 looking thing
POW – Spawns a baby on a trike
E=MC2 TROOPER – Spawns a soldier that fires nukes, minus the mushroom clouds
KING ARTHUR – Change NPC birds to dragons
PHOTON MAN – Spawns “space trooper” with a laser gun

Not all the old cheats made it into the remaster though: BLACK RIDER and CONVERT THIS! didn’t fly, which used to spawn special rider and priest units respectively. But there’s enough to play around with, and people will undoubtedly have one or two extras from the original game (or the Rise of Rome expansion) that aren’t included above.

God bless that little trike of death.


  • I remember playing this way back in the day as a young boy. I had NO idea how to play it and I don’t think I ever played it properly even once, but I had loads of fun using the cheats and making scenarios where two groups of sword fighters would have a massive battle in a rectangular arena.

    I miss the days when cheats didn’t masquerade as DLC.

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