Lydia Is Sworn To Carry Your Skyrim Cosplay Burdens

Image: Lisa M

This is Aussie cosplayer Danielle Debs at RTX in Sydney over the weekend. We see a lot of Dragonborn cosplay around when it comes to Skyrim love, but not nearly enough of the unsung Lydia.

Image: Lisa M

Image: Danielle Debs


    That's clearly not an accurate Lydia cosplay.. She isn't carrying half a dozen suits of armour and 10 swords

      She should also be blocking a doorway.


          And telling me about a interesting cave entrance directly AFTER we already cleared it!

          Last edited 06/02/18 12:09 pm

    Poor girl having to carry my burdens.. there's lots of them, including the Giant Thomas the tank engine I have shoved in my bag somewhere

    But yet I cannot dump on her some stupid drum a guy from the bards' college wanted but left in my backpack.

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