Overwatch Team Has Some Jukes

Overwatch Team Has Some Jukes

One team in the Philadelphia Hometown Heroes showcase had some pretty slick moves ready for the tournament.

The Philadelphia Fusion hosted an event in Philly yesterday where average players could audition for a spot on the Fusion’s contenders team. Basically Invincible, but with Overwatch.

The DM Warriors, which included former Renegades player Douglas “PrimoDulce” Perks, went for the first point on Hollywood by rotating down into the side corridor.

Or at least, that’s what they wanted their opponents, The Cheesesteaks, to think.

The Warriors doubled-back and went straight on to the point, catching the ‘Steaks off-guard. The point was soon owned by the Warriors, who would tie up the game and send it to extra rounds, where narrowly edged out the Cheesesteaks for the win.

The player who will receive a contract offer from the showcase will be announced later this week, but if you want to go back and watch the games, you can find them in the N3rdStGamers Twitch archives.