PUBG Patch Tries To Fix The Game’s Unpopular New Map


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ desert map of Miramar is a vast wasteland where one bad drop can leave you without a hiding place or weapons. A new update implements changes to the map, which had become so unpopular that players have been editing their game’s files to avoid it.

Miramar is Battlegrounds‘ second map and features a vast desert dotted with a few cities and towns. While it is the same size as the forest map of Erangel, it also features much more open space and areas where the desert dust seems to extend forever. Dropping into the wrong location can leave you with very little gear and, unless you can find a vehicle, next to no means to progress further in the playzone. While the open areas can facilitate tense long range battles, the massive wasteland between villages or ruins also leaves players exposed to sudden ambushes. Players desperate to avoid playing on the map started to delete the map’s files from their game in order to get automatically sorted into Erangel.

Battlegrounds‘ latest update focuses predominantly on adjusting Miramar. The patch notes list the following changes:

Miramar improvements

  • Added more buildings and cover across the map to improve the engagement experience
  • Added more off-road routes for easier vehicle navigation
  • Upgraded the item spawn level of certain areas for loot balancing (some areas will spawn better loot)

Increasing the item quality in certain areas should increase the options players have for good drop locations, which could lead to shifts in the early game as players congregate to these spots. The addition of new cover and buildings will change the type of gunfights found on certain areas on the map and presumably cut down on scoped sniper battles.

Improvements will hopefully encourage players to stop avoiding Miramar, which could improve matchmaking. It remains to be seen if a few buildings and better loot can breathe life into Miramar, but with luck, players will be leaving corpses in the desert sun in no time.


    • I wouldn’t say best thing, but its not the worst. i enjoy the switch between maps as it changes the entire play style which is good.
      BUT i HATE that they had to remove the fog map from the original in order to incorporate the new map, the FOG map was amazing and by far the best thing they had done in ages at the time.

    • It’s so frustrating going back to Erangel, cos the map clearly hasn’t been reviewed since vaulting was added. So many buildings with those shitty barred windows.

  • What is this Extra Cover they speak of I haven’t noticed any, it’s going to take a lot more than extra loot to fix Miramar….clearly a rushed idea compared to Erangel.

  • Miramar is a failure of epic proportions as it fails to deliver in almost every way I can think of.

    Players who want to improve their rank don’t like it because their skill doesn’t play enough of a role in if they win or not.

    Driving cars couldn’t of been made less enjoyable even if it was Bluehole’s intention to make it so.

    But your forced to use cars or else run the very likely risk of being sniped in the open without cover.

    If you don’t find a 4x or better where you land you may as well re lobby…

    Aesthetically it is an abortion that should of happened…I mean Mexico isn’t exactly known for its superior architecture!

    They should of done it in a MadMax genre, missed opportunity imo!

  • I dont mind the map, but they seriously need to do something with balancing map rotation for players, i can understand why people alter the map files to get the old map cause at the moment map selection (or at least in my case) is 20 Miramar vs 1 Erangal.

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