A few people got quite close on Friday with the most recent ScribbleTaku. It was definitely cyberpunk territory, and definitely around the same era as The Journeyman Project and C&C. But the game was actually The Ripper, an FMV classic that featured, among others, Christopher Walken.

Real unusual gem, that. Anyway, let's see how you go with today's game.

Good luck!


    Dagnabbit Privateer 2 was taken! Ok I'm going to say Tex Murphey, because no matter the question, Tex is the answer

      UAKM: A Tex Murphy adventure was such a killer game!
      I remember teenage me playing it with my uncle and laughing my arse off the entire time. Great times.

        Yup, I played Crime Wave & Mean streets & Martian memorandum, then UAKM came out and blew me away. I was playing around with warping images at the time, so when I saw the Native American man, shape-shift I was so excited!

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