AFL Commentator Takes The Piss Out Of Esports Team

AFL Commentator Takes The Piss Out Of Esports Team

Late last week, the Adelaide Crows squared off against the Essendon Bombers at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium. It was a pretty bruising encounter, with Essendon coming back from a 20 point deficit in the final quarter to win 99 (14.15) to 87 (12.15).

But midway through the final quarter, while the Crows were still 14 points ahead, the commentators deviated from the action to have a go at something else in the crowd.

The Bombers, which entered esports just before Christmas last year, was being cheered on by their in-house League of Legends team. The camera panned to the crew, prompting commentator and Triple M broadcaster Brian Taylor to make some remarks on their appearance:

“All boys, the League of Legends, they all look rather unique in their own way, gadget-type operators,” Taylor remarked.

“How can they all be unique BT,” Bruce McAvaney asked.

“Because they’re all difference Bruce … computer-type boffins,” Taylor continued. “There’s some real nerds in amongst them too … there they are, this is the esports team.”

Not to be outdone, Taylor later went into the Bombers’ locker room to conduct a series of post-game interviews. He ran into the League players again, this time in their full kit, and launched into an impromptu explainer about League and esports on national TV (from 2m 51s).

“Have a look at em – not the normal football following type, but very good at pushing buttons and going left and right,” Taylor quipped, with his fellow commentators giggling in the background.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but as per the Bombers’ original announcement, but sports is changing – and esports is a large part of that. Might be worth getting on board.


  • I saw this being shared on FB, the way this guy acted was atrocious. It’s one thing to not understand esports, it’s another thing entirely to be a demeaning cunt and intentionally mock people.

  • BT is an idiot, one of the worst commentators in the game.

    him saying things like this don’t surprise me at all when he’s too busy going “BOY OH BOY WOWEE” and saying the ball was out of bounds when he could instead be actually commenting on the game.

    I would bet the Commentators for League of Legends are ten times a s talented as BT, and could commentate AFL better than he could.

    • Before I even clicked through to the article, I was thinking “It’s going to be fricking BT, isn’t it?”

      I think I’m gonna have a heart attack and die from not surprise.

    • I would genuinely love to see some eSports commentators try their hand at commentating AFL. Not because I think they’d fail dismally, but because I think it would be a breath of fresh air to AFL commentary.

      Also BT isn’t the worst commentator for AFL anymore because Seven have hired James Brayshaw and urghghghghgh I’d rather die.

  • Not sure what he is even talking about, those guys on the team don’t look any different to a lot of other AFL fans. They don’t really look like super geeky guys to me just average people.

    • Yup, anyone with glasses according to fuckwits like BT is a geek/nerd 😉 But isn’t it cool to be a geek these days? He sounds jealous to me, trying to make fun of someone he thinks is below him. Pure cunt he is.

  • Unfortunately for revenue reasons Brian Taylor has established himself as a mainstay of Channel 7’s commentary team – to the detriment of everyone in the wider footballing community.
    His interview and comments are nothing more than a uneducated person attempting to proffer insights into something he has no idea nor care about. The snide comments and quips are an attempt to place himself above the members of the Esports team by derision and endearing himself to the “locker room” mentality of the commentary team.
    He is a boor plain and simple and the only one on the entire commentary team worth his salt is Matthew Richardson.

  • Eh, most of what was said isn’t much more than playful ribbing. The one thing I find odd was this line.

    Have a look at em – not the normal football following type

    In my experience, nerdy sports fans are the biggest sports fans. There’s a reason why fantasy drafting is a huge industry.

    • nup, heavily into both worlds and gamers are far more nerdy than your sports junkie

      Not that its a bad thing, own your inner nerd

      • Have to interject here a little, the idea of a nerd being only someone technologically inclined or learned is far from usual these days.

        I’ve known a great many footy fans that can rattle off the last 10 premiership holders, salaries and total games played of various players, years that events happened etc and that’s 100% a nerd to me. A nerd is simply a fan of something with the drive to know more about the thing they enjoy.

        Playing world of warcraft doesn’t make you a nerd, but knowing the optimal way to level from 1-110, the names of the flight masters in kalimdor, what loot drops from where and the dialog of every boss definitely tips you the way of the nerd.

        Watching Bathurst or the F1 racing with some mates doesn’t make you a nerd, but knowing what drivers are on which team, what technology the McLaren team is working on, how hot an engine typically runs when driven on the gold coast and how many corners are on Mt Panorama also probably makes you a nerd.

        I don’t disagree with your point though.

        • yeah i see your point.

          Im talking about the stereotype of what a nerd is. They are ….. less kept, dont see much sun, a little…. different.

        • No. They’re geeks.

          Geek = nerd with a specialisation.

          eg. Computer geeks, car geeks, military geeks, comis geeks etc.

      • That’s not exactly what I was saying. Any of my nerdy friends that are also into a sport often spend more money and time following the game.

        To imply a nerdy looking guy isn’t the average type to watch sports seems off the mark. Of all the people I know/see on public transport, sports fans are the least likely to fit into some type of stereotype, looks-wise.

  • Typical ignorant bullyboy, thinks he’s a tough guy for mocking someone different to him. Pieces of shit like him shouldn’t be given microphone.

      • Nah mate, I just don’t like people who pipe up when they’re in a comfort zone and think they’re better than someone else. Would BT walk up to Dustin Martin in the Tigers change room and give him the same medicine?

        • Nah he is too much of a coward to do that. Much easier to pick on someone in the crowd to make himself look tough. (It doesnt, It just makes him look like a cowardly man child).

  • My issue with esports is what happens when the game is no longer relevant?

    Soccer, basketball, rugby… these sports are incredibly established and aren’t changing. But isn’t it an issue when people spend years getting amazing at a game… say SF4, then SF5 comes out and changes the rules?

    Or Dragon Ball FighterZ drops and the viewer base moves on?

    What happens if Fortnite starts to kill Overwatch? Or if people get sick of MOBA’s?

    • Probably just start esportsing the next game and the next game after that….

      (Soon Running Man…. soon)

    • Well so far the bigger ones – CounterStrike, LoL, Dota 2- have been around for years. I can’t speak for the others, but DotA has it’s 8th International coming up this year and has shown no sign of slowing.

  • Brian Taylor – The only person that makes a single syllable word into two. Listen to how he says “here”.
    Terrible commentator and ruins the experience.
    As we are watching the game on TV, the commentary style needs to change from the “radio” style of commentary where you say what you see. We can see it on screen, so take a leaf out of Dermie’s book and say what is going to happen and give some insight.

  • I think my contempt for Brian Taylor just collided with my contempt for eSports and the two of them just kind of annihilated each other, leaving me feeling nothing at all while watching that sh*tshow.

  • This is what happens when they name video game competitions “eSports”. Sports people and fans get all insecure. It’s pretty funny to watch. It’s like if people got upset about animated movies destroying “real” films.

    • Insecure? It’s gaming, not sport, so for me the title is incorrect. I like gaming. It’s not a knock. I just don’t think it’s a sport, even when it’s competitive. Sport should have a physicality about it that involves more than your thumbs and forefingers.

      Having said that, the AFL guys are doing the wrong thing by their code here. Some of the clubs are doing this to expand their markets and revenue and that should encouraged.

      I do have to admit that when I see the Sydney FC eSports guys appear in a Sydney FC post in my FB feed that there’s an initial shock along the lines of “he can’t possibly be an elite athlete” which is proven correct moments later.

        • If chess isn’t a “game” in the same vein as UNO or dominos I don’t know what is.

          I’m all for calling these guys Pro Gamers.

          “eSports Athelete” is an embarrassing overreach. Its like working at Maccas and telling people you’re a professional chef because it makes you feel special.

          I get that the companies trying to sell fancy gaming accessories and ungly tshirts are just as much at fault for popularising the term as gamers are.

          • Not only is Chess recognised as a sport by the International Olympic Federation (and most of Europe), it was almost included for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Russia is trying to get it included as a winter Olympic event.

            Ain’t saying it’s right, but there you go.

            Personally I agree with you and don’t see these as sports, mainly because I don’t see these guys as athletes. They’re just guys (and gals?) who are good at games. I can’t see many of them running 100m. The limit of their physical exertion appears, in many cases, to be opening their next bag of twisties.

          • Esports athlete is indeed a weird thing to say because esports are not about athletics.

            I do count esports as sports though much in the way fine with both darts and soccer being considered sports. They’re all games people compete at that require some level of physicality (which esports definitely do to at least the level of darts).
            I personally draw the line at chess and poker, to me those can only count as games not sports.

            Of course none of this matters, the definition of sport is about as useful as the definition of art.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I agree the title eSport is incorrect. The reason I said insecure is it kinda reeks of an alarmist “oh no the nerds are going to ruin sport!”, which obviously isn’t going to happen. I think that’s why this commentator feels the need to belittle these eSports guys.

    • Esports has been coined as a short-hand for the act of competive gaming that can be sold as a spectator event (that in turn can be gambled on). It’s gaming that sponsors can see an easier to comprehend return on investment on. You can market a team as a brand much easier than just people, especially when the barrier of entry of competing at an amateur level (comparing it to something like UFC or boxing).

      There’ll be a lot of people that think watching Twitch is a waste of time but can be sold on watching an esports event.

  • Its saw an esports video where there was a major play exciting commentary but the camera switching broke and all you got was a facecam of a team staring at monitors and you have to ask… wtf am I watching. The action is not in this reality!

  • This is hilarious…
    Wife and I watched this game but with sound off! Why? Our discussion beforehand was along the lines of how many IQ points you lose if you listen to BT commentate.

    Point proven.

  • Lol what a dickhead. Fine to make a joke but actually zoom the camera in on the dudes while doing it? C’mon.

  • It’s a funny thing, but I’ve never heard of anyone from an esports team slapping out a woman in a bar, or getting done for banned substance abuse to get an advantage.

    Still, I guess knuckle draggers can’t help it if someone spikes the bananas…

  • i love how the default comment for bully/troll types is “y you so butthurt”
    its got nothing to do about being butt hurt, its about calling out douchebagery for what it is. and making a stand to say that its not ok. if you are of the ilk that it is ok, then please do us all a favour and refrain from procreating to further spread your vitriol to the next generation.

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