Essendon Bombers Buy Esports Team, Capitalise 'Esports' Wrong 20 Times

Image: Michael Dodge/AFL Media via Essendon

The Essendon Bombers have entered the world of esports by buying League of Legends team Abyss. In the announcement released on their website last night, the Bombers used the word 'esports' twenty times and got the capitalisation wrong every time.

Following the Adelaide Crows - who acquired Legacy Esports earlier this year - the Bombers have bought Abyss Esports Club to compete in League of Legends' Oceanic Pro League (OPL) and Oceanic Challenger League (OCL) next year. The purchase was done in partnership with Executive Sports and Entertainment.

Abyss players will don the sash as the esports team undergoes rebranding to become fully integrated into Essendon. They will also be relocated to Melbourne where the players will make use of the club's facilities.

OPL is currently based out of Sydney and it is unclear how this move will affect the team's participation in the competition.

In an announcement on the Essendon Bombers website Essendon Chief Marketing Officer, Justin Rodski said, "Esports teams are no different to any other professional sports club model and esports fans are no different to any other sports fans in their passion to support their team."

"There is a rich and diverse community eco-system in esports and this is our opportunity to be culturally relevant to the millennial audience and engage a new fan base."

The Bombers also insisted on capitalising the 'S' every time they wrote 'esports' in the announcement in contradiction with the Associated Press style guide and to the frustration of esports personality Paul "Redeye" Chaloner.

Esports is a portmanteau of 'electronic' and 'sports'. If you wouldn't capitalise the 'S' in 'sports' in a sentence, why would you do it when you cram it into another word? Although apparently this subject is still open to debate. Eventually people will realise that I'm right and treat it like every other portmanteau in the English language.

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    You fucked up the grammar for League of Legends.

      League of Legends is a singular term. You should use an apostrophe and 's' for possessives with singular terms whether they end in 's' or not.

        Doesn't the following rule from the page contradict that?

        Use only an apostrophe for places or names that are singular but have a final word in plural form and ending with an s.

        Beverly Hills’ current mayor

        the United States’ lingering debt problem

        Cisco Systems’ CEO

        League of Legends is singular, but the last word in the name is plural, so the rule applies.

          Guess I set myself up for that. Time for an edit.

    So, its OK for Kotaku to comment on someone else when they make mistakes, but when I mention something bad about Kotaku I get my comments moderated?

    So do these teams wear something in the same colours of the footy teams? And they play in an existing competition yeah, not one for just AFL-affiliated teams?

      From what I understand, Abyss will be fully incorporated into EFC, so they will be named the "Bombers". I think they already have similar colours anyhow, but if not, they would assume the Black and Red (not certain about the sash though)

      The ones associated with the Crows won't be fully integrated.

      Yes, they will continue to compete in the existing competition.

      Either way... looks like I have an eSports (:-P) team to follow now, tgey just need to get into Overwatch

        Yeah me too, I got the EFC members email about it. But I don’t think they compete in any of the games I play. Still, it’s not like I actually play AFL anymore either!

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