Doctor Minn-Erva’s Casting May Spell Trouble For Carol Danvers In The Captain Marvel Movie

Doctor Minn-Erva’s Casting May Spell Trouble For Carol Danvers In The Captain Marvel Movie

We’re still at an early enough point into Captain Marvel‘s production that we don’t know all that much about the film. (Other than how Carol ultimately ends up getting a much better costume, anyway). But the latest casting news may shed a little light about what Captain Marvel has in store.

Doctor Minn-Erva flies into action on her way to steal an Inhuman cocoon. Image: Giuseppe Camuncoli (Marvel)

Though we haven’t heard too many details as of late, Deadline is reporting that Gemma Chan (Humans, Fantastic Beasts, Doctor Who) is set to play Doctor Minn-Erva, a Kree geneticist and spy who crosses paths with Carol Danvers at some point during her spacefaring adventure.

In Marvel’s comics, Minn-Erva (or Minerva, if you’d rather) is best known for her attempts at tracking down Captain Mar-Vell in hopes of procreating with him in order to create the perfect offspring. Given Minn-Erva’s traditional obsession with Mar-Vell’s DNA and Carol’s powers coming from being exposed to Mar-Vell’s genetic material, it stands to reason that Minn-Erva might spend a sizable portion of Captain Marvel trying to kill Carol in the name of science.

Then again, the MCU’s take on Minn-Erva might be completely unlike her comic book counterpart. Previous reports have suggested Ben Mendelsohn would be taking on a villainous role for the film, but there’s no way of knowing until we get closer to Captain Marvel‘s release date, 8 March 2019 in the US. Chan will return to AMC’s Humans as Mia for season three later this year.



  • Somehow i don’t think they’ll go with the “wants to bone mar-vell” motivation this time…

    But the kree are a fun bunch, and so into messing around with human genetics.

    I can’t feel out the vibe of this film yet, it seems to at both ends of the MCU spectrum (dark world and ragnarok).

  • “Shazam” will always be captain marvel to me – it’s a shame they changed his name as he was around long before she was (plus it makes no sense his name would also be the magic word he transforms with, he’d never be able to say his own name lol)

    • He says its multiple times when hes fighting Superman which is why its awesome. Captain Marvel will be the better movie out of the two after seeing Levi’s suit.

      • That’s probably a throwback suit before switching to a more modern looking one, they do that all the time.

        • Yeah like, Ill give the movie a chance like every DC movie. But I feel Levi wont pull it off, looking at the suit, it looks like hes got a muscle suit on. John Cena could have pulled of Shazam, hes got the body and the acting chops of acting like a kid but looking like an adult.

          • Yeah, but he’s cant take the role because he’s already playing the invisible man…
            you know….because… can’t see him.
            i’ll see myself out…

      • Plus one is MCU and the other is DCDA (DC Disaster Area). This gives Captain Marvel a far better than even chance of being the better movie.

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