Fans Discover Game-Changing Typo In Civilization 6's Code

Religion has been a powerful motivating force throughout human history, but some Civilization 6 AIs are a little too into religion, at the expense of, well, pretty much everything else. It's a real bug, and it's all because of a typo.

Earlier this week, a Something Awful thread pointed to a bizarre irregularity in Civilization 6's code: In some instances concerning AI civilisation leaders' default priorities, the word "yield" is spelled "yeild".

Image: Straight White Shark

The players speculated that, normally, code such as "YIELD PRODUCTION 25" would make a civ prioritise production and perform really well, but "YEILD PRODUCTION 25" means nothing to the game. And so, AI leaders afflicted with the dreaded spelling bee bug obsess over things such as religion, sometimes to their own detriment, because they have no default values for other important qualities.

Today, in a statement to PC Gamer, developer Firaxis acknowledged that the glitch is real and, uh, oops.

"We're aware of a community-reported bug that has a minor impact on AI behavior," said Firaxis. "We've also made sure that everyone knows that I goes before E except after C… or other weird exceptions."

A fix will be included as part of Civ 6's next update.


    It boggles my mind that they had a text parser without any error logging when it can't find the matching variables...

      You'd be amazed at how good people are at ignoring error logs. If you halt the game with a message everyone complains. If you just show a message they ignore it.

    That stone Thinker is actually just contemplating the absurdity of the English language and all the rules of spelling it makes and breaks on a regular basis.

    I think the catholic church messed up in a similar way. If their priests were told to celebrate instead of be celibate I reckon they'd be far more mentally and emotionally rounded. And maybe not feel up choirboys.

      Cellllllllibate good times, c'mon!

      (I sincerely hope it's now stuck in your head)

    I before E except after C, or if you run a feisty heist on a beige neighbor with protein and caffeine....
    There are actually more words that are exceptions to this rule than ones that conform to it.
    Bloody English. "EI and IE can sound like I or II or A depending on the word, and we'll have a rule for which you use to determine if you use EI or IE and the rule won't work...."

      Don’t blame the English blame the French, specifically the normans.

      Don't forget my personal favourite: Deity. Pronounce the E and I separately because.... ENGLISH!

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