I Was Sure There Was A Secret Message In The New Kirby Game

I Was Sure There Was A Secret Message In The New Kirby Game

Buff King Dedede was no help solving the new Kirby game’s riddle – assuming there was a riddle, of course.

I like Kirby games, but I would not consider myself an advanced Kirbyologist. I was therefore surprised to learn a few weeks ago that Kirby games I’d played on the 3DS contained hidden messages. The first letter of each of the games’ worlds spelled a word. Neat! Surely, I figured, the new Kirby Switch game would do the same.

For context, check this out: the 3DS Kirby game Planet Robobot has seven levels: Patched Plains, Resolution Road, Overload Ocean, Gigabyte Grounds, Rhythm Route, Access Ark and Mind the Program.

Get it?

Kirby Triple Deluxe‘s worlds spell FLOWER or FLOWERED, if you creatively include the final world Eternal Dreamland.

Kirby Star Allies on Nintendo Switch is made largely by the same people who made those games, so you might be expecting another acronym. I was.

Here are the names of its worlds:

  • World of Peace: Dream Land
  • World of Miracles: Planet Popstar
  • Fortress of Shadows: Jambastion
  • Far-Flung Starlight Heroes
  • Kirby Star Allies

I’ve thought about those names. There’s no acronym in there, people.

But wait!

Let’s look at the levels in Dream Land:


Any ideas what that spells?

If you exclude “Dream Palace,” which is just a bonus room, then we have GDHFCE. And all that appears to be is several consecutive letters of the alphabet scrambled up: CDEFGH.

Moving on to Planet Popstar:


Once again, there is no obvious acronym, but there does appear to be one scrambled in there. You see it, right? FRIENDS.

What of Jambastion? There are too many level names to fit in a screenshot, so I’ll type them out:

  • Gatehouse Road
  • Eastern Wall
  • Longview Corridor
  • Western Outer Wall
  • Inner Sanctum
  • Heavenly Hall
  • Sector A
  • Sector B
  • Sector C

Acronym? Anagram? Or nothing at all? I’ve tried descrambling this and come up with nothing. How about you? If it helps, note that Sector A, B and C are all bonus levels.

And then there’s the game’s last big world, Far-Flung Starlight Heroes:

  • Planet Earthdall
  • Falluna Moon
  • Planet Misteen
  • Mareen Moon
  • Planet Caverna
  • Grott Moon
  • Planet Frostak
  • Blizzno Moon
  • Planet Towara
  • Gabbel Moon
  • Star Lavadom
  • Sizzlai Moon
  • Jambandra Base
  • The Divine Terminus
  • Extra Planet Alpha
  • Extra Planet Beta
  • Extra Planet Gamma
  • Extra Planet Delta

Joke’s on me, I think. Right? I don’t think there’s a solution because I don’t think there was actually a puzzle.

And people said Kirby games were too easy…