Massive Crowds Gather To Watch Dragon Ball Super Together

Over the weekend, anime fans in Latin America gathered to watch Dragon Ball Super's 130th episode streamed in stadiums, plazas and parks.

Screenshot: MrOppaiSensei (Twitter)

The Dragon Ball Super TV anime will come to an end for the time being. However, a Dragon Ball Super movie will hit theatres later this year in Japan.

Toei Animation sent out an official statement regarding these stream events, saying that it had not authorised these public watch parties.

And, it seems, this was also sent.

But there were apparently formal negotiations for the Ciudad Juárez screening.

According to news site El Diario de Juárez, the city's mayor ultimately secured permission to screen the episode. Other local governments also tweeted out photos of the event (here and here).

A load of fans gathered.

The Ciudad Juárez event apparently attracted 10,000 or more people.

That's over 9000!

Check out more photos of the Ciudad Juárez event as well as ones elsewhere.


    I think its pretty incredible to have thousands want to watch the show. Definitely understand the piracy pov Toei have. Being in a crowd so big would have been awesome during episode 130. Even though the episodes are only 20 mins long, it was a hell of an episode

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