Rare Addresses Sea Of Thieves Technical Issues

Rare Addresses Sea Of Thieves Technical Issues

Rare’s Studio Head Craig Duncan and Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate have made a video frankly addressing the issues that have cropped up during the game’s launch, explaining why they have happened and what they’re doing to correct them.

Standing in front of a whiteboard in Craig Duncan’s office, Duncan and Neate have outlined the main technical concerns that people have experienced while trying to play Sea of Thieves since the game launched.

Chief among them are problems people have experienced while trying to log in during the peak period – between 8:00am and 1:00pm AEDT – where playing across multiple regions are trying to get into the game at once.

Despite all of the testing done before launch, the join rate is well in excess of what Rare experienced during the final beta with up to 5,000 people attempting to login per minute.

Part of the problem comes from Sea of Thieves matchmaking which attempts to match a crew together before matching that crew to a world. There are multiple steps involved so it adds a lot of strain to the servers.

Engineers are working to fix this. In the meantime, Duncan and Neate suggest that players having issues connecting try to join galleons already in the world, bypassing one of the match-making steps.

An issue that I’ve personally run into was items not loading into the game. That, along with performance issues on the Xbox One X, will be addressed with patch that is likely to come next week.

There have also been issues with delayed rewards and gold for completed voyages. This is a temporary server-side issue and Rare asks that people be patient as engineers work on it. Attempting to restart the game will only add more strain to the servers.

On the other hand the delayed achievements people experienced was a deliberate choice done in part to help keep people online while the servers were being bombarded. Achievements were still tracked and are being awarded to players.

Launch issues are nothing new for major online games. It’s refreshing to see developers get out in front of the problems.



    • I feel like they’re kids who’ve been goofing off all term, and at the last minute remembered that their project is due, and went “Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap, does anyone have anything completed? What? you’ve got the water done? Great, that’s fine, ship it!”

    • The content is what you make of it. Sailing the world alone or with a crew, crew is definitely better. Completing missions, finding other players and looting their ships is where the fun is at.

      It’s definitely a game meant to be played with others.

      • My dude, this is not a $30 indie title on steam. At $99.95 my imagination shouldn’t be the driving factor in how fun a game is because the devs were too busy doing meth in a Vegas bathroom with call girls to create any actual content. I appreciate emergent gameplay (fuck this term) as much as the next person, but the game is priced like there is a lot more to the game than we got.

  • So far I’ve had to redownload the whole game twice and the one time I do get it to work my ping was around 150-300, what have they being doing with this game the past years they’ve been working on it

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