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When Sea of Thieves launched back in March, it felt pretty barren. The open sea in the Xbox and PC pirate game was gorgeous, but there wasn’t much to do. Since then, updates have brought new threats and areas, encouraging pirates to team up to take on sharks, survive volcanoes and explore distant islands.

The latest free update, Shrouded Spoils, adds even more dangerous foes, new weather conditions like fog, and more loot. With these updates, the game is worth trying, especially if you did once and didn’t find enough to do.


Rare’s online pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves launched into some rough waters, feeling more like a beta than full game. Since then, the developers have worked to make the seas more treacherous and exciting.

Last week’s Forsaken Shores content adds an entirely new region packed with dangerous volcanoes and difficult quests. It’s the perfect destination for pirates who think the game’s still too easy.


Sea of Thieves is slowly expanding with new monsters and new events aiming to bring excitement and colour to a game derided for repetitive content. A new event involving exploring and hunting down hidden thrones throughout the world shows one way the controversial pirate game could build a community.


In the face of a turbulent launch and prevailing criticism, Rare have continually been forthcoming with their plans to fill Sea of Thieves desolate seas with new content as quickly and consistently as they can muster. The first expansion, bringing a new AI threat, new items and a "time-limited campaign" dropped last night - and we spoke to Rare about just what they hope they can achieve with "The Hungering Deep" and where they go next.


From Metacritic scores to How Long To Beat completion times, there are plenty of numbers that players reference when deciding to buy a game. Gaming storefront Green Man Gaming has another metric: Average Cost Per Hour. 2015's Doom is said to cost $US1.24 ($2) per hour. Frostpunk is $US4.57 ($6) an hour. These are strange numbers that reveals the pitfall of breaking games down into pretty little numbers.


Finding a single treasure chest in the Xbox One pirate game Sea of Thieves can involve up to 30 minutes of sailing and riddle-solving. Sail longer, and players can stack their ship with loot. Some intrepid pirate crews are doing that, waging a treasure "arms" race as they cover their decks with hundreds of chests to see who can earn the most gold in a single journey.


Sea of Thieves released one month ago, offering a massive ocean playground for cool player stories along with a frustrating lack of activities and grindy progression. Developer Rare has outlined new content plans for the future, but even without fancy new ships or expansions, the story of Sea of Thieves has as many ups and downs as the sea itself.


Playing Sea of Thieves feels a bit like working in a theatre before the set has been completely built. There's plenty of space to goof around and a few swords in the wings to have mock fights with, but none of its quite ready for show time. A lack of features and polish has frustrated some players, but those willing to meet the game halfway will discover a game that's exciting and pensive in equal measure. Sea of Thieves is as fickle and changeable as the sea itself.