Sea Of Thieves Bops Fortnite As The Top Game On Twitch

Sea Of Thieves Bops Fortnite As The Top Game On Twitch
Image: Microsoft

Sea of Thieves has a rolling launch with the game unlocking at various times across today. Technically it’s still not out in America.

Yet popular streamers have got their hands on the game and it’s currently the top game on Twitch.

Peaking at 213,056 viewers according to Twitch Tracker, it looks like there’s a lot of people checking in on Sea of Thieves to find out what it’s all about.

It has even taken the top game slot on Twitch from Fortnite.

Popular streamers Summit and Shroud have been streaming the sea-faring game to tens of thousands of viewers for a few hours now.

Yet Sea of Thieves still isn’t officially out in America, though it does seem Rare unlocked the game for all users a little early.

It’s also still fairly early in parts of the US and all those Twitch viewers haven’t quite got home ready to settle in for the night. Once that happens, the numbers may rise as more people can jump in and play the game… or the numbers may fall as more people can play the game. Twitch viewer numbers are like the tides, nobody can explain them.


  • Yeah, but the question is staying power. Fortnite is definitely one of those games that seems like its not going anywhere. Sea of Thieves will likely fizzle after a few weeks.

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