What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'll be going on a holiday this weekend. An actual holiday, instead of just breaking my wrist and moping about the house uselessly. But before I bugger off into the internet void that is the big blue seas, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be binging some video games.

In between bouts of Counter-Strike and Overwatch, I'm keen to see how the Mario Party-esque mode in Scribblenauts Showdown works. There's a singleplayer and sandbox mode for fans of the originals, but playing a bunch of competitive mini games with your vocabulary sounds miles more interesting.

Also, it sounds like the kind of game Tegan will thoroughly flog me at. Which is good. Challenges are good.

But beyond packing and probably frantic searching for the inevitable moment when I lose my passport, that's my weekend planned. What about yours?


    Going to play some WoW as usual. Aiming to get all the Mage tower appearances done before BfA comes out. After seeing today's Nintendo Direct I also have to get into my console backlog to rationalise getting a Switch to my wife.

    Don't have a primary focus game right now. Might see if I can get back into Deus Ex

      Yo that's a weird coincidence. I just installed Deus Ex and Human Revolution yesterday. I got all four of the main games and The Fall in a Steam bundle a while ago. Always struggled to get into Human Revolution on console (hopefully PC rectifies this) and have never played beyond Liberty Island in the first game, and that was like 10 years ago. So, looking forward to giving them another crack this weekend.

    I'm playing through the remastered version of SO4 for the most part. I picked up DJ Max Respect though so that may end up stealing my gaming time.

    Having never played Ratchett and Clank before I downloaded it from PSPlus and started playing last night. Absolutely loving it. That will take up most of my gaming time. Will also be finishing superhot VR. So good.

      MHW. Think I finally understand how it all works.

      Also, maybe The Fractured Butt Whole. And some horror movies. And Jessica Jones S2 :3

    Finally going back into FFXV again, considering that the game is really different now and this second run will be really different, plus i never did the DLC.

    I also got Darkest Dungeon on Switch so i've got my portable game sorted out.

    I’ve given up weekend gaming in order to be more available my wife and friends on the weekend.
    But if I were going to spend time in front of a game it would be Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Every time I leave that game I miss it.

      Good for you superdeadlyninjabees. I feel like thats a good choice.

        Thanks man! I’m the kinda dude who will just sit there for hours on end of o don’t make these kind of rules for myself.

    Mass Effect Andromeda insanity run, assuming I get the rest of the platinum requirements out of the way.

    Bloodborne: Return to Yharnam - I re-installed Bloodborne the other day and it wrote over my cloud saves before I could copy them. So my NG++ character is no more. Sigh... oh well, time to roll up a new character.

    Dynasty Warriors Next on Vita - almost finished the full campaign. I don't think I'll grind it for the platinum. Probably play some more Race The Sun if I finish.

    Maybe some MHW, maybe try Ratchet and Clank, and definitely some more Bloodborne.

    Been taking BB slow - ensuring that the first thing I do each session is fight a boss, and that I stop playing when I see (or unlock the shortcuts to) the next boss arena (really hoping they keep being as obvious as they have been up to now). Not sure if it's that, or the amount of Nioh I played last year, but it seems to be working pretty well - toughest boss thus far has been Cleric Beast, and I spent most of my last session opening a clear path to the Forbidden Woods' boss.

    3 day long weekend, so Witcher 3 in 4k on the Scorpio for me. And a smidge of sweat palm inducing Forza 7.
    Got 65" TV two weeks ago and 4K is the sh!t.

    I will definitely finish off firewatch. I know this was my goal last weekend but this weekend it is.

    Will also give bloodborne a spin. If its not fr me then will think of something else. Maybe ac chronicles india.

    Will try to get back into Rainbow Six Siege, haven't played it since Operation Health.

    Bought a PS4 this week and also 8 games: the Uncharted series, The last of us, Horizon and Persona5. I already started Persona5 and I quite enjoy it, though I am only 4h in. Do you guys have any other recommendations on what other Exclusives are worth a buy?

      Bloodborne is a ps4 exclusive and would be a must buy if it wasn't free on psplus this month. You can use your free 14 day psplus trial and see if you like the game, no money down

    I will be finishing senua hellblade and some counter strike

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