What's Your Favourite Quest In A Game?

We've spoken a little bit about great quests, ranging from Monster Hunter: World to the lack of combat in Dragon Age: Inquisition's 'Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts'. But what's your favourite quest line of all time?

I wouldn't nominate it as my favourite, but I've included a shot of the Bloody Baron from The Witcher 3. It's a quest that a lot of people immediately associate with the game. It's not the only good quest - perhaps not the best post-DLC - but a great instance of an evocative narrative line.

The Personal Story Behind The Witcher 3's Bloody Baron Quest

If there's a single story that encompasses the best of The Witcher 3's narrative ambitions, it's the Bloody Baron. Messy, emotional, and full of morally compromised individuals, it's a tale that can end in some truly harrowing ways. To learn more about how it came together, I spoke with the people who made it.

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Other great quest lines that come to mind is The Thieves Guild, not from Skyrim but Oblivion. A massive 12-part undertaking, joining the guild starts by finding a poster of The Gray Fox or asking around. After getting some info, you're given a test against two other thieves to steal a diary. The Whodunit? quest in the Dark Brotherhood quest line is pretty good to, showcasing some of the best parts of Bethesda's creativity.

Mass Effect fans will also probably have a few favourite loyalty missions or quests of their own. I always had a soft spot for the part where you let Garrus win at the sniping duel in Mass Effect 3, but Samara and Thane's loyalty missions in ME2 are pretty solid.

More recently, Divinity: Original Sin 2 has some crackers. Growing up with animals, the quest about the magic rooster, Big Marge and their demon offspring was a great lighthearted touch.

What's your favourite quest or quest line in a game?


    Getting Benediction/Anathema on my Priest in vanilla WoW.
    The sense of achievement was immense - the various kill quests prior to the final challenge were a real test ( I actually received the Eye of Shadow from a lowly 60 elite in Winterspring I think...) and then the last trial was superbly scripted and fit in perfectly with the lore.
    Actually all of the class specific epic quests were amazing.
    Can't wait for Legacy!!

      I remember going through the trouble of getting my Dreadsteed on my Warlock back in the day, I felt like I'd achieved something special. A lot of those old WoW quests for attunement or gear were really fun (in my opinion) and it's a shame they don't exist or have any current day counterpart now unless class order halls count.

    I enjoyed going to the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate II. I’d read all of the R.A. Salvatore Dark Elf novels just before it came out so it was quite a treat getting to sample a piece of this world I’d only visualised mentally beforehand.
    I wish there were a Skyrim style BG...

    I had to pick up some bat poo in Wow, I guess that was pretty cool.

    The Dark Brotherhood quest in Skyrim
    The Overlord DLC for Mass Effect 2
    The Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3
    "Ryder Family Secrets" in Mass Effect: Andromeda (I'm still salty that we probably won't get a proper resolution for that one)
    Collecting all of Link's memories in BoTW

      Agree on Overlord for ME2, also the pure fan-service Citadel DLC for ME3.

      For ME2, Lair of the Shadow Broker was epic, Thane's Loyalty mission as mentioned, and Legion's reveal.

      For ME3, really enjoyed the Omega DLC too.

      I may or may not be re-playing ME2 at the moment.

    Best quest.. For me it would be the citadel DLC.. Great fun

    The entire mainline quest in Hearts of Stone is probably my favourite. I like inflection and that was basically "inflection on purpose the video game".

      Yes, that and the Bloody Baron quest have been highlights of modern gaming for me.

        The Bloody Baron questline surprised me with how deep it became. Damn well done quest that many other games can learn from.

    The finale to the Pascal quest string in Nier:Automata, that one made me think for a long while.

    The quests in Dragon Ball Xenoverse where they max out Yamacha's AI and stats so he just wipes the floor with everyone.

    I don't know if they exactly count as quests, but all of the memory sequences in Lost Odyssey, those are brilliantly written short stories that are just so emotional.

    The UBRS/Molten Core attunement in WoW

      The 45-Min Stratholme run to upgrade your dungeon set.

    The various epic quests in Everquest were a hell of a lot of fun. For a game that had zero reliance on quests to deliver its entertainment, it somehow managed to really deliver with the few it actually did seriously.

    The epic quests varied from being relatively straightforward, to ridiculously complicated, but all needed help from your guild to get done. The resulting item was generally the best item for your class at the time as well, with some still being useful many expansions later.

    Outside of those, there was a quest series, known as the Ring events, that gradually scaled up from Ring 1 through to Ring 10. 1 through 5(ish) could be done solo, but by the time you got to the 10th Ring event wit as an epic open world raid from frost giants against a dwarven city, and was one hell of a lot of fun.

    As a questline open to everyone, that probably tops my list, but some of the Epic quests would have been close.

    Hunting the Prototype Constrictor across galaxies in the original Elite.

    Skyrim might as well be renamed to "The Dark Brotherhood game" for me because i have never beaten the main quest, i always start a new character, try and beat the story, get bored, go do the dark brotherhood quest, feel satisfied and stop playing.

      Try the thieves guild, man it is satisfying when you do a heist without getting caught.

    The Bigfoot quest in Red Dead Redemption undead nightmare a fun resolution

    Shoot This Guy In The Face from Borderlands 2. It's super tough though and doesn't give you a lot of hints about what the requirements are for completing it. You really have to pay attention to what's going on around you and know a little about the lore.

    Does collecting all the optional characters in any given Suikoden game count? if so that (except IV, we dont talk about IV).
    Otherwise the entire optional series of Iron Chef battles in Suikoden II. Started silly, ended heartfelt and became more of a gutpunch due to a later game.
    Each of the Mass effect Trilogy has at least once great DLC quest (bring down the sky, shadowbroker and Citadel).
    The Shivering Isles questline for Oblivion is pretty fantastic.
    The entirety of the Imperial Agent questline in SWTOR. For me at least it stood out as the most engaging of the class storylines in SWTOR.

    The Bloody Barron, the main Skellige quest line, The quest line with Keira Metz... If I compiled a top 10 of my favourite quests they'd almost all be from The Witcher 3.

    Outside of that game, pretty much anything involving Jackass in Nier Automata, the part where you have to help Pascal as A2 and, uh, yeah, I just need a moment.

    Nier Automata is great.

    Witcher 3, the drinking with the other witcher's quest. Funniest side quest I've seen...

    Runner up would be the 'Survivalist' quest in Fallout New Vegas' Zion National Park DLC...poignant, filled out, and very moving.

    In Cataclysm WoW and beyond there's a quest at the gates of Hillsbrad where you basically become a questgiver, complete with an exclamation above your head, and have "player" NPC's come up to you for a quest. It's basically a parody of the types of players typical to WoW such as "Dumass" the guy who has no idea what he's doing, or "Johnny Awesome" the Blood Elf who thinks he's amazing and rides a sparkle pony and has a full heirloom set.

      Welcome to the machine was fantastic, right down to the Pink Floyd lyrics in the quest text. You can encounter the 3 of them again through the quests Little Girl Lost (Johnny 'Jenny' Awesome), Can you smell what the lok'tar is cooking (Kingslayer Orkus) and Deep mine rescue (Dumass). Other than that it would either have to be the chain starting with Basic Botany which is basically Plants vs Zombies, The Day that Deathwing Came just for the hilarity of playing out the stories of 3 drunk adventurers or Enter the Taskmaster for the completion text of "...You'll be required to fill your work orders once per day. Yeah, it's a bunch of crap jobs but even the ascendants started out as peons."

    So many to choose from, but one that's always stuck with me is the Dead Money dlc from New Vegas. Also, shoutout to the Addiction quest from Oblivion Shivering Isles, that was great.

    Breaking Eli out of Nova Proskept in HL2
    Or breaking into the Citadel in HL2.
    Or getting through Ravenholme in HL2.

    Basically any part of HL2.

    there was this quest in WoW within stormwind where you end up receiving some ring - anyone remember it? it's an early level quest but it has you going all over the place which I love. I also recall the class quests (shaman from memory) being really dope. that game was the best...

    The never-ending quest to get the largest fish in Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

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