Boy, Read This: The Internet Pokes Fun At Kratos In God Of War

For such a grim, serious and violent game, God of War sure is making people on the internet laugh.

God of War is a pleasant surprise. Playing as Kratos, the curmudgeonly dad and his precious son Atreus is both narratively satisfying and has interesting gameplay. It's also given rise to one of my favourite current internet jokes. Please just click play on this video from YouTuber The Goose:

You see, Kratos has a habit of calling his son "boy." A lot. This has not escaped the internet's notice.

The idea of Kratos as a put upon father is amusing, because in all the other God of War games he's been an unrepentant murderer. He's still really into violence, but the interplay between him and his more cheerful son is hitting a chord with people.


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