Dota 2 Pro’s Twitch Channel Closed After Using N-Word To Describe His Name [Updated]

Dota 2 Pro’s Twitch Channel Closed After Using N-Word To Describe His Name [Updated]

Small tip for Dota professionals: If you want to keep your Twitch account going, don’t drop the n****r word on stream, even in reference to your actual name.

This morning Eric reported that Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang took to his stream to inform everyone that he really didn’t like his first name, comparing it to “a black person’s name”. Here’s iceiceice at the time:

“I don’t even like the name Daryl,” said iceiceice. “Daryl is like a n****r’s name. It’s not an… OK, it’s a black person’s name. I’m not a big fan of like, Daryl. My parents named me Daryl after watching a show.”

iceiceice’s Twitch account is no longer up, with a note on the now-pulled Twitch clip noting that “the channel has been closed due to terms of service violations”.

The clip has been saved on YouTube, though, and includes further comments like iceiceice questioning “why would [my parents] name a yellow kid Daryl” and “I do have a ching-chong name, it’s like Pei Xiang”.

Update 1:15PM AEST: iceiceice’s team Mineski has released a statement via Facebook.


  • I fail to see how someone’s name could have anything to do with craniofacial traits, neoteny, hair or skin pigmentation.

    But seriously, is anyone surprised this happened as a result of what he said?

    • It depends. Some names give away the nationality. Take Arab names for example: Ahmad, Abdul, and Hamid. Not everyone with these names are Arab but it is likely they are.

      • I would have thought that Arabic names would be one of the more difficult to tell, since there are many Muslim converts who take an Arabic name, Muhammad (and varients) for example, being widespread. I take your point though, I haven’t seen too many non-Chinese with Chinese names (except for foreigners living in China).

  • How does this keep happening? I read an article every 3-4 days on Kotaku about a high-profile gaming personality saying something dumb like this.

    Most times, I see nothing wrong with what is said or done as I generally despise this ‘I’m offended’ culture (not in this case however – this guy is a jerk), but surely they have to be sensible enough to not say it, even if they might think it’s benign.

    • Thats just the world we live in now…a sad easily offended shell of what it used to be, not gonna lie it’s kinda pathetic.

      The amount of whistleblowers out there that do it are just easily offended babies that need to grow up and realize that you can not control what people say nor control their views.

  • It happens because, in real life, people say shit all the time.

    Twitch isn’t a scripted for TV show. It isn’t even reality TV which is edited afterwards.

    It’s a straight up stream of consciousness. And these types of things aren’t going to stop – in fact it will only become more common as live streaming services become bigger.

  • Ummm…. what i am surprised is it took this long for something to happen to iceiceice anyone who has watched his youtube clips can see he is auch a massive troll and this is par for the couree for him….

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