Grave Of The Fireflies’ Movie Poster Has A Hidden (And Depressing) Secret 

Grave Of The Fireflies’ Movie Poster Has A Hidden (And Depressing) Secret 

Image: Studio Ghibli, Madman

Grave of the Fireflies is one of the saddest movies ever made. Decades after it’s original release, people have discovered a haunting, hidden image in the Japanese movie poster.

More attention has been re-focused on Grave of the Fireflies after director Isao Takahata’s recent passing.

Studio Ghibli Co-Founder Isao Takahata Dies At 82

Isao Takahata, co-founder of Studio Ghibli and director of such animated films as Grave of the Fireflies, passed away today in a Tokyo hospital at the age of 82, according to various Japanese news sources.

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Here is the Japanese poster in question. It looks like main characters Seita and Setsuko are playing with fireflies, right?

But if you look closely at the top of the poster…

…or alter the poster’s colour…

There appears to be a B29 hidden in the blackness.

If you alter the colour further, you can see that there’s the round glowing light of fireflies at the bottom contrasted with what appears to be bullets or firebombs raining down.

This poster is perhaps more famous, and it’s also depressing as hell, but doesn’t quite pack the same emotional punch upon closer inspection.


  • I had heard about how sad the ending was, and honestly didn’t think it could be that bad. Absolutely heartbreaking.

      • I feel that way about Princess Aurora… packs a punch, especially if you are a parent of a daughter or daughters.

      • Basically this.

        Barefoot Gen is another one like it. The opening part is absolutely harrowing and it’s something you see once, appreciate, but never want to experience again.

        • I was shown Barefoot Gen in a Japanese class in year 8, and the moment the bomb drops is seared into my brain for eternity.

  • I bought my DVD copy back in the day at a swap meet from a girl who was selling it cheap.
    People laughed at the time and asked if I was buying it for its replay value.

    I think about it often, even after all these years. But I’ve only watched it once. 🙁

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