Here’s A Troll Getting Hacked Apart (In God Of War)

Here’s A Troll Getting Hacked Apart (In God Of War)

If you don’t mind watching a troll get hacked to bits, here’s a few minutes of tasty gameplay. From God of War, that is.

The footage was released on PlayStation’s YouTube channel earlier over the long weekend, and starts off with a fight agaginst a giant troll called Brenna Daudi. Each of the trolls has a name and backstory of its own, although Daudi uses a lot of lava-esque abilities.

The rest of the video shows other bits you’ll encounter in the God of War reboot: light puzzle elements, one button presses to interact with objects and chests, instead of having to mash the button.

For more info about how God of War plays, see Amanda’s coverage below.

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