New Street Fighter Board Game Looks Really Cool

New Street Fighter Board Game Looks Really Cool

There’s a new, official Street Fighter board game on the way, and it’s a lot more ambitious than I was expecting given the subject matter.

Using big and detailed miniatures, Street Fighter takes place on large, expansive maps, where players can either fight 1v1 or — and this is where it gets interesting – as teams, including a boss fight mode where three World Warriors can take on a character like Bison. Take a look at this setup pic:

Combat is handled using a combination of cards and dice, and stages are not only big, but also have destructible terrain objects like crates and trees.

The stages are based on classic SFII levels like Guile’s airbase and Chun-Li’s street, and the core game ships with six miniature fighters: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, Vega and Sagat, while a boss expansion includes Bison and Akuma.

Street Fighter is up on Kickstarter now, and looks set to blow past its initial asking target.


  • It’s a shame Jasco Games are making it. They admitted with their Megaman boardgame that they just don’t know how to make board games.

  • Oh man, i really shouldn’t have but i couldn’t help but going in for the Street Fighter 3 and Akpha characters add-ons, i love Alex and R.Mika though and i am a weak person.

  • Just for the decent level to experience this game you’re shelling out about $270aud for this, close to $500+ for the full game… when did games get so insanely expensive?

    • The basic game works out to $103 plus shipping…

      I put down nearly $300 for the all in pledge for The Nemesis Kickstarter a couple of months ago. It just depends how much you want the expansion content of board games.

      • I think you’d need at minimum the base game and boss expansion for this game. Which was a $140 ($183aud) plus $30 shipping ($40aud), so yeah, I over estimated a touch. But it’s still a minimum of $220aud for what would be the main version of what you should get.

        I’m not saying that it’s not worth it, I want to drop that on this game but it’s just amazing how expensive board games are these days, that’s my main point.

        • Cost for kickstarter games mainly comes down to small manufacturing size and the quality of the models, its not like say Hasbro which has a chinese factory making a million grey battleship models a year. Most of the cost is from the tooling and manufacturing preperation.

          The stretch goals (if done right) usually come from larger orders reduce costs which means they can make changes to orders. Then there is the licensing fees for the IP to consider too.

        • I can’t deny that but the amount of stuff that comes with some of these games is crazy. Check out the Nemesis and batman: Gotham city chronicles kickstarters (both finished) to see the kind of content up on offer.

  • More interested to see how popular this game becomes… cause they hinted at both a Mortal Kombat and Dragon Ball variations if they can prove the game design sells.

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