Overwatch League Player Gets Three-Game Suspension And ‘Streaming Privileges Revoked’ For Racist Gesture

Overwatch League Player Gets Three-Game Suspension And ‘Streaming Privileges Revoked’ For Racist Gesture

The Overwatch League’s leaked code of conduct gives Blizzard and the OWL an incredible amount of control over players, including anything that happens on their own streams, so part of the latest punishment for a heated gaming moment comes as no surprise. After the Philadelphia Fusion’s Josh “Eqo” Corona made a slant-eye gesture and said “I am Korean” on a recent stream, the team announced his punishment today.

Screenshot: Streamable

In addition to the usual fine and suspension of $US3000 ($3896) and three games, the team is banning him from streaming for 10 weeks:

Corona also apologised in a typed letter and said he’d be donating an additional $US3000 ($3896) to the Anti-Defamation League.


  • Bit of a stretch to call it racist, isn’t it? No discrimination, prejudice, hate or supremacy.

    • Not a stretch at all.

      He is making a crude imitation based on a decades old racist generalisation of an Asian persons eye shape.

      Decades ago in the same time when youd see people in the south saying the N word regularly they would also use the gesture shown above and say things like “ching chong” in a crude attempt to look like an asian person in an insulting way.

      • I’d get it a bit more if he was trying to be insulting. But again, in the actual context it is in (which is not decades ago) there is no discrimination, prejudice, hate or supremacy.

  • Haha, what a dickhead.

    In order of 2018 offenses:
    1. “you fucking nigger” guy
    2. This guy
    3. Ninja freestyling “nigga”

    I (don’t) look forward to increasing this list as the year goes on. Fuck me, this is just the last 8 days.

  • How do team managers not head this stuff off early? Whether they care about the actual racism or not, this shit is bad for business. Don’t they put their teams through basic PR classes?
    these guys are going to be the public face of a team that could potentially be worth millions of dollars. You can’t take some time out to teach them how not to make the paying public hate you?

  • not even ‘progamers’ take ‘esports’ seriously. look at this ‘professional athelete’ for example lol

  • I think something most people miss with this type of stuff is the numbers. When you have people streaming 10-12 hours a day, in a room alone, while playing a game it’s going to be quite easy to foolishly say the wrong thing. While most of us adults have learned long ago that using racially charged insults usually ends badly for the one using the insults, the younger ones among us are often still pretty stupid. It can take some of us a long time to learn to keep our mouths shut. The problem is only magnified when these young fools are put in front of a 24/7 live stream with endless recording function. There is no delay, no ability to slap a pause button and “fix” that stupid thing that just came out of your mouth.

    Just a few years ago a young person could say something terrible or stupid and likely just their friends or the few people who overheard them would think they were idiots, or give them the beatdown for whatever they said. Now says if a young fool says something stupid it becomes a viral sensation on YouTube and reddit and the poor idiot likely has his potential future severely damaged, possibly forever.

    And for those that say the person “deserves it”, stop and think about your past. I’d be surprised if everyone of us hasn’t said something we regret saying, the difference being who was watching when we said it. I’ve been fortunate enough (or lucky enough) that I’m not entertaining enough to film so all the stupid things I say go unrecorded.

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