Stardew Valley’s Multiplayer Only A Month Away

Stardew Valley’s Multiplayer Only A Month Away

If you’ve been calming your farm for some co-op Stardew Valley, relax. Multiplayer is almost here, according to the developer.

Eric Barone, Stardew Valley‘s creator, announced on Twitter early this morning that “good progress” was being made on the multiplayer mode. Barring disaster and other unforeseen problems, Barone remarked that people should be able to jointly run blueberry wine rackets in about a month:

The multiplayer mode will be a free update for all users, although it will be rolled out to the PC first, then Switch, followed by the PS4 and Xbox.

On the plus side, the new update will also let you marry your in-game partner instead of an NPC:

Horses will also have hats, including sombreros, which I’m actually rather into.

Update: Confirmed that the Switch Stardew Valley port will get the multiplayer update second, before the major consoles.


  • Was disappointed to hear that there’s no split/shared screen support coming, which is baffling considering they were talking about Switch being the perfect platform to launch multiplayer on originally.

  • I was heavily into Stardew but stopped playing when I heard there was going to be multiplayer because I didn’t want to burn out before we had a chance to play together. My wife and I have it loaded and ready to go on PC, just waiting for that inevitable update. Super excited for it!

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