Cartoon Network Just Spoiled The Ending Of Steven Universe And Fans Are Rightfully Furious

Cartoon Network Just Spoiled The Ending Of Steven Universe And Fans Are Rightfully Furious

You had one job.

Steven Universe raging in Arcade Mania. Image: Cartoon Network

This week, Cartoon Network and Turner Broadcasting posted a short clip of interviews with Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar and the show’s former supervising direction Ian Jones-Quartey as part of a commercial for Drawn, a new podcast about the history of animation.

While the things Sugar and Jones-Quartey said were perfectly innocuous musings about their art and creative processes, the interviews were overlaid with footage from a number of late-stage Steven Universe episodes that have yet to air.

Leaks have always been a major problem for the show, but the new information included in the Drawn video wasn’t just stuff that’s yet to air, it included details from what appeared to be the series finale that, obviously, nobody but the production team knew before. The video was pulled not long after it was posted and replaced with another, but by then, the cat was out of the bag.

The revised video with Steven Universe spoilers removed.

Not long after the spoilers began to spread across the internet, Jones-Quartey took to his personal Twitter account to vent his more than understandable dismay at what happened. In a series of now-deleted tweets, he said that no one on Steven Universe‘s production team gave the approval for the spoiler footage to be included in the promotional video. He also thanked the fans for being supportive.

Jones-Quartey later added that this single incident isn’t reflective of anything going on at Cartoon Network and that the flub didn’t reveal all of the surprises the show still has in store.

While it’s great to see that the Crewniverse isn’t letting the leaks get them down, it’s incredibly bad form on Cartoon Network’s part to let a fumble such as this slip by so close to the finish line. Steven Universe is drawing to a close and everyone would just like a chance to see the show air the way the people who worked so hard on it intended us to.

We reached out to Cartoon Network for comment about the posted clips but had not heard back at time of writing. Also, out of respect for your fellow fans, please do not post the spoilers themselves in the comments.


  • Oh good it’s ending. Maybe now people on the internet will be safe from the fandom.

    • they are the reason why i never bothered to watch and just stuck with adventure time.

      • The logic of “I don’t want because of fandom” is bullshit because every fandom has its share of crazies and you aren’t being forced to look at or interact with them.

        • Once again, a perfectly understandable and rational, and honestly right, comment is downvoted. What the fuck happened to comments on Kotaku? This kind of bullshit used to be for FB only.

    • Where are they that you keep running in to them? (Honest question)
      I never run in to fandoms unless I actually go looking for them. (Except bronies in their heyday, those bastards were everywhere)

        • For me, it’s the threads on /co/. Worse than the homestuck threads somehow.

      • Use to be the AVClub as well. Not that I ever spent much time there but on all the individual episode reviews for Adventure Time all these weirdos used to come out of the woodwork and talk about Steven Universe instead. The way they talked about it turned me off ever watching it (although I did eventually sit down and watch about half of the first season which I didn’t really enjoy, but I am a hetero white dude in his thirties, so yeah).

        • @parrotshake If you don’t mind me asking, do you know what episode you got to?
          As someone who’s grown to really love the series, the first about 20 episodes are kind of crap (esp. compared to the rest of the show). They set up a lot of the characters and how they can develop in the future but they are a bit painful to get through.

          • I’m not sure. Half might be overestimating it a bit actually, I don’t think I would have watched more than 20.

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