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Just the right mixture of sentiment and melancholy. A Softer World, for its 12-year runtime between 2003 and 2015, was one of the most beautiful webcomics one could find. Mashing up weird little tone poems, waffling between fluffy purple prose, goofy humour, and unsettling melancholy, with matching photography, it was an immediately striking and beautiful piece of work, created by writer Joey Comeau and artist Emily Horne.


Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar and the rest of the Crystal Gems came to this year's San Diego Comic Con with an all new episode of Steven Universe teasing what's in store store for Steven in the next arc of their epic adventures and well, the last of the Diamonds (and her Princess Leia-inspired Pearl) is finally going to make her long-teased debut.


There comes a point in every Dragon Ball Z fan’s life when you take stock of all of Goku’s friends and family, and realise that most of them were originally villains hellbent on killing the Saiyan hero before eventually coming to love him.

In a lot of ways, the same is true of Steven Universe, a show that’s deeply invested in exploring the idea of love as a transformative force that can bring even bitter enemies together in the right circumstances.


As Steven's gradually come into his powers over the past five seasons, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl have carefully kept many of the specifics about Rose, the Diamonds and the great Gem War to themselves. That secrecy's a big part of what's pushed Steven to become independent and seek out answers for himself, but in "Your Mother and Mine", Garnet breaks form by opening up and telling a story about Steven's mum that complicates everything about Steven Universe even more.


Take a moment to think of just flexibility, love and trust and how Garnet of the Crystal Gems is going to react to meeting Steven Universe's Off-Color Homeworld gems. Steven Universe is about to make its long-overdue return to Cartoon Network on April 9 in the US, and judging from the newest clip from the show, the next Stevenbomb is about to deliver in a big way.