Do You Prefer Fortnite or PUBG?

The battle royale genre has plenty of entries, and the big franchises are yet to weigh in with their own interpretations. But when I think of the genre, only two games come to mind.

They are, of course, Fortnite and the original juggernaut, PUBG. Personally, I've spent more time with PUBG - it reminded me the most of Counter-Strike, and came to prominence a little earlier, so my choice there was kind of natural.

But there are plenty of good reasons why Fortnite has exploded in popularity. Being free is a huge plus, and Fortnite's performance was a little more stable across the board when both games first released.

The time to kill between the games is vastly different as well, and the crafting mechanics changes the dynamic of the playing field in a way that makes the game a lot more chaotic. Building is still the biggest element: it adds another layer of decision making that can make or break a game, it opens up different attack angles, and can also reduce the frustration of being caught out in the open (which the shrinking player circle often induces).

You still need aim to succeed in either game, and the better shot will often win. PUBG, arguably, concentrates on aim and positioning. You pick up all the items you need: you don't have to spend time farming materials. And you can visually identify the armour a player has, which gives you crucial information that's needed to decide on when to engage.

But everyone prefers games for different reasons. What about yourselves - between the two major battle royale games, which one do you prefer?


    I would have to say neither. I started playing Fortnite when it was first released on PS4, but my lack of enthusiasm for multiplayer games soon took over.

      Fortnite bums me out a lot. I was pretty well enjoying the Save the World mode before BR existed, and had some issues with progression, but was looking forward to the thing being fixed.

      Now it's all super cool updates, with cosmetics, biomes, mechanics/systems, etc, etc... all built for the mode I despise, and only a fraction of it - the table scraps - spills over into the PVE that apparently no-one gives a flying fuck about.

      Bums me out, man. It's like when you've been crying out for good internet and the next door neighbour gets an infrastructure upgrade because they're a celeb/politician, but you barely even budge on the wait list. Hooray for you guys. I'm glad the cool kids are being looked after, right. Oh, I should just sit in the corner and go fuck myself? OK..

    Started with PUBG, loved it, moved to Fortnite when numba 1's took over.

    Now I can't play PUBG. It feels so bad, so clunky and is just a scrambled piece of spaghetti and meatballs that can't be fixed. Fortnite crushes it in every single way.

    PUBG is fine dining at a (mildly overrated) high profile restaurant, while Fortnite is the (surprisingly tasty) grub from the local rissole. Each serves a different market, and whether its good or not depends on what you want to get out of it.

    For me, I don't play either. My eyesight is bad enough I'd just get owned time after time, but when watching, it always seems to be Fortnite that I end up watching. Its faster game, and willingness to mess with the meta makes it so much more entertaining than the more strategic focussed PUBG.

    The bugs in PUBG seem to be making it easier and easier for people to switch to Fortnite though, which in its own way answers the question.

    I enjoy Fortnite, but the skill level is getting a little crazy with the way people are able to build so quickly and rush you with shotguns. So it's become unfun.

    I personally want to see if E3 has a big name FPS BR game on the way.

      You might enjoy the 50v50 mode? Building tends to be done in groups - when it works the large scale battles are great fun. I'm in the same boat as you - i'm cannonfodder in solo, a burden to be carried in duo/squads, but generally do very well in 50v50, averaging around 3 kills per game. It's fun to try to work cohesively with all the other randos and you can really influence the result by supporting the team well. It's also fun as a small party in a larger group.

      I also enjoyed the limited time Thanos solo mode for similar reasons - it might just be that these modes attract more filthy casuals who are lesser skilled.

    I've only dabbled with PUBG so PUBG wins be default!

    PUBG...I like the slow burn.

    I've played around 300 hours of PUBG and 2 of Fortnite, although I haven't really played much PUBG since the Chinese hacker numbers reached breaking point around Feb/March

    PUBG when it's not being over run by hackers. Really kicks you in the guts

    I haven't Played PUBG yet as I'm on PS4 but am looking forward to giving it a go when/if it releases on my platform. Until then Fortnite is good fun, I just wish they would disable the use of M&K or lock players who use them into PC servers.

    PUBG is my current go to MP Game though if I don't have much spare time then it's Fortnite

    Last edited 16/05/18 3:12 pm

    I have no love for either. Normally I'd say that it's fine - let people enjoy what they want - but since I fear that BR modes are going to be shoehorned into everything soon I want to say that they can both eat a bag of dicks.

      I was thinking about an E3 drinking game based around every new BR announcement, but my doctor strongly advised against it.

        Use cordial.

          you will get diabetes.

            Originally I had put something about that in, but thought a 2 word post was simpler. If worried about diabetes, use milk or water.

            With cordial though, there are sugar free versions. Not sure that solves the problem though.

          Proper cordials (not the high sugar syrup sold in the supermarket) are pretty high in alcohol, so this might not be a good idea.

    Playing? Neither
    Watching? PUBG easily.

    I never enjoy watching Fortnite, its just not interesting to watch.

      Strange, its the opposite for me. I just never found PUBG as enjoyable to watch as Fortnite is.

      For me, the cartoony nature of Fortnite makes it easier to watch in small doses.

        The cartoony nature of the game is what puts me off watching it. Not saying its a bad game. far from it. Its just not interesting to watch for me :)

    I can't play PUBG as it's not available on any platform I use so I only play Fortnite which I enjoy playing in small doses. But I love watching both for different reasons. The gameplay is very different imo.

    For PUBG, I like it because I am more of a stealth kind of gamer and PUBG seems a bit more stealthy with its scopes and prone positions and peeking out of windows while in the relative safety of a building. The game usually ends before the circle gets very small but even so its a slower game and people seem to play more cautiously. They'll peek more often and lie in wait more. I think people take longer ranged shots more often than fighting up close.

    Fortnite has lots of close range fights out in the open and you get people building on top of each other and shooting within melee range. Players seem to be more proactive in seeking others out to kill them. I'm not sure if this is because of the building tools, which is like having a physical shield, or some other reason. The match usually seems to end when the circle is pretty small which makes the end game more action-packed than PUBG. So I like Fortnite for that reason too.

    I think Fortnite probably wins in terms of polish style. But they're both good games.

    The building mechanic, the extreme RNG and the haphazard firing model all stand against Fortnite for me, so I play PUBG.

    But it's rare I play either these days. To many immersive open world RPGs to have much time for anything else these days. That and I'm getting too long in the tooth to be competitive in FPS these days, and getting pwned by twelve yo turds with lightning fast reflexes got old a while ago. And hackers an issue in single player games :)

    PUBG all the way. I grew out of TF2, even though it took close to 6 years, so the cartoony stuff doesn't float my boat anymore.

    I tried Fortnite recently. It just didn't grab me. I need to give it another shot but it just, I dunno, I couldn't find the draw.

    Played PUBG after a long time not playing it even more recently. It's still good, as long as you don't run into hackers.

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