Fans Fix Adidas' Dragon Ball Mistakes

Image: Khameleon Kickz feat. Fraxcion

Adidas has a whole line of Dragon Ball sneakers coming later this year, and most of them suck. It's a bummer, but some custom designers from Australia are here to try and fix things.

The problems with the official lineup are twofold. First, the designs are kinda goofy, with many looking like sneakers you'd buy for a five year-old. And second, the roster of shoes featured skip some of Adidas' more hyped (and hoped-for) sneakers like Ultra Boosts.

Image: Khameleon Kickz feat. Fraxcion

This pair by Khameleon Kickz - based on a design by Fraxcion - feature a homage to Shenron, and look cool as hell. I like that the art retains its Dragon Ball nod without going overboard. Also, Gazelles are a far more flexible and everyday-wearable pick than most of the sneakers Adidas actually went with.

Image: Khameleon Kickz feat. Fraxcion

The only downside is that these are one of a kind. But we can always look.

You can see more of Khameleon's custom kicks at their site.

Oh, and for the record, while I said most of the official shoes suck, the Shenrons - based on an EQT ADV - are actually great.


    Dont know why Adidas didnt do some official Gazelles. The Marjin Boo ones look sick. Alas I doubt an any one but resellers will be able to pick up these.

    some of the official ones look pretty nice and understated. i prefer that to just outright sticking a picture of a dragonball character on the shoe. its more of those art styles where they boil everything down to the base colours but you can still guess what its supposed to me.

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