Fortnite Comet Hits Dusty Depot, Altering Map And Gravity For New Season

Fortnite Comet Hits Dusty Depot, Altering Map And Gravity For New Season

After weeks of build-up, Fortnite‘s comet has finally smashed the map. Tilted Towers still stands, but Dusty Depot? There’s a crater there now. (It’s also called Dusty DIVOT now.) Better yet, the point of impact is surrounded by rocks that will let players mess around in low gravity.

Epic really went all out for this. Here’s the trailer:

And the crater:

Even the lobby looks different now:

Check this out. The best part is that you don’t immediately get murdered here, even though all 99 players are probably dropping there. Everyone is too busy messing around with gravity, at least at first.

So, what can you expect? While Dusty Depot was hit the hardest, other landing spots have also changed in subtler ways, and there are also smaller craters around the map. Many of them seem to have the gravity-defying rocks. Actually, there’s a new area now: Risky Reels, which is situated up in the north. It’s the movie area featured in the trailer:

There’s obviously a new slew of Battle Pass objectives, though they are the kinds of things you’ve come to expect from Fortnite: Collect the chests, use a specific item.

However, this time around, there are also challenges to unlock both a special outfit and a unique pickaxe. These will be hard to get: “Carbide” challenges require you to get up to level 65, and “Blockbuster” challenges task you with completing every challenge for up to seven different weeks.

Overall, the new season seems like a mix of graffiti and superhero themed, and there are new skins and sprays to match:

One of the new trails even lets you look like a shooting star:

Beyond the most obvious changes, there are also a bevy of bugfixes and tweaks with this update. While you can read the full breakdown here, some notable (and funny) additions include:

  • Structures on the starting island can now be destroyed. Not the Battle Bus, though.
  • Headshots are now prioritised when other body parts are in the way.
  • Knocking a player off the island will award elimination credit like normal fall damage.
  • “Random” option added to each cosmetic equipment slot in the Locker.
  • Fixed a spelling error in the description for Tomatohead.
  • The Crossbow has been vaulted.
  • Players can now emote while rocket riding.