Mercy's New Pink Skin A) Is For Charity And B) Looks Amazing

Look at this new Mercy skin. Look at it. Available for purchase from now until May 21, it's been designed to help raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, who will receive "100% the proceeds" Blizzard makes from sales.

There's a bunch of other pink stuff on sale too, like sprays and icons, as well as real world merch like t-shirts, and the money from those go towards the Foundation as well.

I would like more Overwatch characters to look like JRPG healers, thanks.

You can buy the skin directly - no loot boxes required - here (note: it's not cheap).


    As an Overwatch fan and someone that's lost someone to cancer, and is staring down that barrel again, this was an easy insta-buy for me.

    And I don't even play Mercy.

    I haven't played in weeks, but I'm updating now purely just to buy this!

    Mercy is my second most played character and i bought the skin the moment i saw it, love the pink motifs and the staff reminds me of a magical girl staff. The harp sound when reviving and flying is great as well.

    Yeah, I'm gonna be buying it as soon as I get home. PINK, PINK, PINK, PINK. I hope they do this with more charities in the future.

    My biggest concern is that now, if I don't buy it, I'm going to be the guy that didn't donate. 'Oh, nice Witch-Mercy skin, you selfish piece of s#!t', 'I'm sorry! I'm broke and and my baby needed formula!'...

    I'll be a Phariah. This is what the uncool kids must have felt like in high school... of which I was one.

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