Overwatch Fans React To The New Pink Mercy Skin

Overwatch Fans React To The New Pink Mercy Skin

Blizzard is releasing a special Mercy skin where all the proceeds go to breast cancer research. Fans are in love with it, and have been drawing it non-stop.

This skin is part of a breast cancer awareness charity event that Blizzard is running through May 21. Although there’s also a T-shirt, new sprays and charity streams, the fanbase is most excited for this brand new, pink Mercy skin. If you buy it, all of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

It’s awesome to see cancer survivors, their relatives, and people enthusiastic about the cause throw in their support by drawing this skin:





Some people also like the skin because it’s incredibly cute. I mean, look at it. Mercy looks straight out of an anime.







Some fans even think this outfit would look good on some other characters.



Honestly, I think this is a great look for Soldier 76, and I’d like to see it on other characters, such as Ana, Zarya or Sombra. The coolest thing would be if Blizzard made a charity skin for all the characters, as breast cancer is a disease that can affect all women, and sometimes men as well. I can’t be mad about pink Mercy, though. Call me when there’s cosplay.


  • Please god, let there be a magical girl skin eventually rolled out for all of the characters, each with a corresponding charity.

  • I would never usually pay $21.95 for a cosmetic digital item, but I made an exception in this case. Many people in my family have died of some form of cancer including breast cancer so good on Blizzard for pushing this and making it a 100% contribution.

  • Not going to lie, I don’t own Overwatch, and I will probably never play it (Im not great at FPS and tend to to favour solo player games and I have heard many things about toxic players and community being harsh on newbies) but I happily shelled out my 20 odd dollars for this skin as my mum is a breast and ovarian cancer survivor, and I had to own this skin in case I ever change my mind on Overwatch

    • You don’t necessarily have to be good at conventional FPS games for Overwatch because of the broad range of abilities in characters. I’ve been playing Overwatch daily for about a year now and it’s a lot of fun – before that, I hadn’t played FPS since like, Goldeneye on N64. You might have trouble with some types of characters but not others. For example, I can’t play snipers to save my life. I hate playing Mystery Heroes mode on arcade because I always get stuck with Widow and it’s a disaster. But other characters like Mei’s freeze ray or Winston’s Tesla coil gun are a lot more forgiving.

    • Dude, OW community is the least toxic out of any online game I’ve ever played. Which isn’t to say it doesn’t happen, but it’s not often, just a few bad eggs. Also, how did you even buy this without owning OW? X.x

        Its not the most toxic, but its up there, only autdone by league and dota and counter strike

        Competitive mode is a vile cesppit of death threats where any playing character but the “top tier” gets you more abuse than a 4chan board

        • Well, you’re entitled to your opinion. In my experience, I’ve gotten waaaaay more salt in Dead by Daylight, Counterstrike, League, Dota, Rainbow Six, HotS, and pretty much anything else with a mic and a competitive mode. But y’know, we each to their own.

  • it is good that they are doing this but I hope in the future they will do this for other forms of cancer.

  • I bought it, rarely play OW but I’ve supported all previous Blizzard charity events so I’m not about to skip out on one especially since breast cancer has directly affected my relatives

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