Skull And Bones Delayed To 2019-2020

If you were looking for a slightly more realistic take on the high seas, Ubisoft Singapore has some bad news.

At an earnings call, Ubisoft announced that their multiplayer pirate adventure, Skull and Bones, would now be launching sometime between 2019 and 2020. The game was originally planned for release this autumn.

In a post on the Ubisoft forums, Skull and Bones creative director Justin A. Farren said the studio was ensuring that "every single decision you make requires you to carefully assess the risk versus rewawrd".

"We also are building a world rich in lore and stories, where you’ll come across memorable characters and have the canvas to create your own stories," Farren wrote. "Letting you set your own objectives and to take down your rivals on your own terms is key to the experience we want to create."

Farren added that Skull and Bones developers were actively talking about the game with users through the official Discord channel. They didn't mention any specific plans for E3 this year, although it's understood that Skull and Bones will be part of Ubi's showcase.


    So, they see what happened to Relic and Sea Of Thieves and go 'Fuck, we better have content before we put the game out'

      Or they tied too much to lootboxes/mtx and have to radically redesign the progression systems etc to account for backlash/potential legislation.

      I'm kind of glad that they saw the Sea of thieves debacle and went "let's not do that"

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