Superman And Lois Are Going To The White House Correspondents' Dinner This Week 

Action Comics Special #1 looks as though it will be featuring a scene where Lois, Clark and members of the Justice League go to the annual fete where people tell mean jokes about Washington, DC insiders. Apparently, you can add super-timing to the list of Kal-El's weird superpowers.

Lex Luthor looks on as Clark Kent talks about... himself, sort of. Image: Jill Thompson (DC Comics)

This comic marks the end of the current run of that title, with a lead story focusing on Lex Luthor. A very timely tweet by writer Mark Russell revealed that part of that focus happens at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner, an event that makes Clark nervous:

Asked about the seeming prescience of this scene, hot on the heels of all the hypocritical pearl-clutching after Michelle Wolf's routine at this year's real-life event, Russell said the following:

The issue will also feature stories by Max Landis and Dan Jurgens, with art from Francis Manapul, Jill Thompson (who drew the main story excerpted above) and Will Conrad.


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