Here’s A Sneak Peek At Reunion, The First Battle Of Azeroth Comic

Image: Linda Cavallini / Emanuele Tenderini / Blizzard

Ahead of the release of Battle of Azeroth, the next expansion in the World of Warcraft universe, Blizzard has put together a series of comics to flesh out the world a little better.

The star of the first comic is a Warcraft favourite: the human mage Jaina Proudmoore, ahead of her return to her home.

Blizzard has produced three comics ahead of Battle of Azeroth‘s release, each of which is focused on a main character that will help shape the next conflict between the Horde and the Alliance.

Jaina’s arc is one of those, and that arc begins with Reunion. According to writers Christie Golden and Andrew Robinson, Jaina’s arc in Reunion will feed into the story as Battle of Azeroth plays out. “You’re going to see her story told in a variety of mediums,” Golden said in a Q&A.

The panels below cover Jaina’s brief trip through memory lane as she returns to what’s left of Theramore, following its desecration by the Horde, and sets up her motivations for the comic, and expansion, to come.

Battle for Azeroth launches August 14, with all three comics to be released in stages before launch.


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