Would You Want An AI Assistant For Gaming?

Would You Want An AI Assistant For Gaming?

AI assistants are popping up everywhere, and bit by bit they’re starting to interface with gaming. Just the other month, Amazon started a beta that would let Alexa remind you of how shitty your Call of Duty kill-death ratio was.

But how much would people want an AI assistant for gaming?

You’ve always been able to use voice controls to some degree with the Xbox, for those who shelled out on the Kinect or the original iterations of the Xbox One. The PS4 supports voice commands too, either through a headset or the PlayStation camera, although for the most part it’s limited to simple controls that you can probably do faster with button presses.

But we’re not that far away from a world where Alexa/Google Assistant functionality is built into consoles, and potentially the PC market as well. Developers are already using AI assistants in their back end: Ubisoft announced Commit Assistant at their dev conference earlier this year, which helps predict when coders are about to create a bug before it happens.

But say this gets rolled out to your PS4 or Xbox One X. Say Alexa starts interfacing not just with one particular game, like Call of Duty, but with the PlayStation Store directly. Or you can attach it to your Steam account and it can scrape your game library, posted reviews and play time, allowing you to ask for personalised recommendations and information about what games are coming out next week that are similar to games in your library.

Would you use it? Or is the AI Assistant experience not good enough, or would the concerns around privacy be a step too far before you adopted an AI helper for video games?


  • I would appreciate an all round health system that somehow integrated into the game I am playing to tell me if I am getting too tilted in ranked and tell me to go do something else for a while.

  • Hey, listen! Did you know you can jump with the X button? I’m telling you this because it looks like you’re having trouble getting past this point in your game. You’ve been attempting this one platforming section for the past 2 hours. Most people have been able to complete it in 1.25 hours. Maybe you should take a break and play *Easier game name* instead as this seems to match your current level of ability.

  • Playing through stardew valley for the first time, I’d love to be able to ask it random stuff about the game without having to look it up all the time. What materials do I need to take if I want to build this structure, what’s the latest day I can plant pumpkins etc.

    • That’d be good for RPG’s too. Ask the AI whether it’s better to have +2% accuracy or +5% damage for that specific game. Ask what the best loadout for a character is or something

      • Too bloody right. I’m using the wiki on my mobile anyway, a shortcut would be bloody appreciated.

        “Cortana, what’s the upgrade material for this weapon and where do I find it? Ah, fair enough. Shelve that for now, then.”

  • If they do develop some actually helpful things these can do with games I hope it’s Cortana that gets it, that way I can pretend to be master chief while I’m playing every game.

    Or make a new one that’s made to sound like EDI from mass effect, again it fits well with an AI assistant for games to be from a game

    • In the early days of Win 10 I had to really fucking struggle to get Jen Taylor’s voice for Cortana while retaining Australian localization. Ended up just unable to do it. Cortana would only speak in an Australian accent in response to non-voice commands, and if I switched to US (which affected the Windows store as well as other things), and she wouldn’t speak at all unless I used voice commands. Buggy mess. I abandoned it.

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