NBA Rookie Also Video Game Marketing Rookie

DeAndre Ayton is projected to be the #1 pick in this year's NBA draft. He's going to have several months to get ready for the 2018-19 season, but he (or his social media person) might also take that time to put in some work on their video game marketing skills.

Earlier today, doing some promo stuff with Activision for the next Black Ops game, this tweet came out from Ayton's account:

Whoops. He's since had it fixed:

That's better.


    Haha, brilliant.

      Sorry I don't follow BlackOps or CallofDuty, I don't get it. Explain please?

        The 'joke' has nothing to do with BlackOps as such, but if you read the initial tweet, it's been sent from the marketing team to the players' management (or him personally) and it's telling him to personalise the tweet before posting it. Instead of doing that, he's just sent the original tweet.

    Last year Markelle Fultz did the same thing about watches - "I am excited to join (Insert team Name) and play in the city of (insert city name)..." etc. Classic.

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