Nintendo Switch RPG Octopath Traveller Won't Have DLC Because It's 'A Finished Product'

Octopath Traveller, the Nintendo Switch exclusive from the team behind Bravely Default, will not have any DLC. Why? Because it's already a complete game, says Square Enix.

In an interview with Dengeki Online, Square Enix producer Masashi Takahashi said that it should take about fifty to sixty hours to complete the main story.

"It took about 80 to 100 hours in testing to play through the other elements, like sub-stories and dungeons that you don't have to go to as well as get proficient as you like at using special skills as field commands."

Dengeki Online asked if there were plans to offer DLC.

"We are not thinking about that at all," said Takahashi. "The release version is a finished product."

Octopath Traveller will be released on July 13.


    Hahahaah what a giant middle finger to other game companies. I salute this.

      A big middle finger to themselves you mean. Look at FF15 and all the DLC it has :)

      Still, good to see that somebody in Square Enix still know what's what.

        Good point. As much as I loved FFXV the DLC should have been in the game to start with. Important plot points were glossed over or missed entirely in the original release

    I don’t get the impression that his comments where a middle finger to other companies. While it may have been a practice years ago to chunk off core game for dlc I don’t think it’s the case these days.

    Most Games are full releases but then the devs have other ideas about content or additional story or just maps and cosmetics that fans of the game might appreciate. Nothing wrong with that.

    Not only that but more and more companies are releasing story/map packs for free so that people are invested in the game as it’s easier than having a PR nightmare that EA had with Battlefront 2 last year - which had free SP, modes, maps and skins dlc (and clone wars content to boot coming in Sept).

    TLDR - my opinion is almost all triple A games are released as full games. Additional story/multiplayer content is often developed after release and not chunked off.

      Mate I just dunno where you're getting this from. Most of the aaa devs literally have dlc ready to go str8 outta the gate!! I realise some costs of developing games requires this but I can't agree with that at all.

    If it's the Bravely Default people then I imagine that the 80-100 hours will be 20 hours of gameplay and then 60 hours of the same content repeated four times over. Either way it's an irrelevant stat for me since I want quality, not quantity. It's the same with DLC, there's nothing inherently wrong with it, it's just a problem when you use it as a way of wringing more money out of people by reducing the quality of the base game in order to encourage people to buy it.

      I think it's mainly that DLC really should be what used to be called "expansions". The Witcher 3 did that - their paid DLC were true expansions that added new areas, new quests and a definite improvement to the main game.

    If only they could release a complete game in the Final Fantasy series.

      Man, remember ff7 now that was square doing it right. Amount of side content in that game was downright staggering. Sniff. Good old days

    Amen Squenix. You are doing God's work.

    As a completionist, DLC pisses me off. When I'm done with a game, IM DONE.

    Based on the demo, this game is hitting all the right notes so part of me hopes they change their mind and come up with ideas for additional story content or some other game mode down the track, similar to what Monolith Soft have done with XC2! Probably not going to happen as XC2 had all their DLC planned prior to release but a man can hope! I never thought I'd be saying this as I've always been against DLC but I feel like enough companies are doing it right these days to change my opinion. Either way, bring on July 13.

    I'm tempted to buy this just on principle

    Heh that image is such a shameless call-back ti Final Fantasy Tactics. I love it.

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