English Teacher Corrects Student's Professional Gamer Dreams

Screenshot: jesu

Twitter user Zyirue is studying English but has big pro gamer dreams. “I want to be progamer [sic],” Zyirue wrote on a recent test. The teacher marked the word wrong, correcting it as “programmer”.

Zyirue lamented the correction.

This tweet has gone viral in Japan. Replies included suggestions for how Zyirue could have avoided confusing the teacher. Those replies, which were in English and Japanese, include:

“be a...”

“professional e-sports athlete”

“I want to be a pro gamer. I want to be an esports player. I want to play games as a profession.”

“Being a professional Gamer is ALOT better than being a programmer. that’s just me”

“the space is very important there. “pro gamer” is correct but “programer” is not.”

“Unless you write professional gamer, what you’re saying won’t come across.”

“Pro grammar.”

Interestingly, the newly established Japan Esports Union has its own definition of what a pro gamer is.


    And that's why you use hyphens.

      No, this is where you use a space. Pro-gamer would be someone that is an advocate for gamers, not a Professional Gamer.

      No, this is where you block Ashcraft's "articles"

    The teacher marked the word wrong, correcting it as “programmer”.

    Was it a correction, or is this a sign the teacher doesn't see pro-gaming as a thing?

    ALOT isn’t a word either and needs a space in the translation.

    Thank you for giving me flashbacks of six years of trauma.

    Marking Japanese English tests is torture. I once had a vice principal ask me to stop marking so much wrong on the tests because it would make the students feel discouraged. Incidentally, he was also the head English teacher. Teaching them wrong things.

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