TaleSpin’s Swashbuckling Villain Is Going To Cameo On DuckTales

TaleSpin’s Swashbuckling Villain Is Going To Cameo On DuckTales

Out of the whole block of Disney-centric cartoons from the late ’80s and early ’90s, TaleSpin, which used a version of Baloo from The Jungle Book as a protagonist, was probably the most distinct. Transposing Disney characters and vibes to a 1930s-style caper about air pirates in a lush tropical setting. It was an unusual, creative show and now its main villain is coming to the new Disney cartoon universe a la DuckTales.

Don Karage, on DuckTales.

The heir to Disney Afternoon, the rebooted DuckTales is still airing its first season and on July 28, according to Entertainment Weekly, an episode will air featuring Don Karnage, the sky pirate dujour, menacing Huey, Dewey and Louie in well animated HD.

Best yet: he’ll be singing, introducing himself in a musical number. And his voice actor? Jaime Camil, one of the best parts of the brilliant Jane the Virgin.

Disney’s occasional teases of these other Disney Afternoon characters is at least a little acknowledgement that these shows are beloved, iconic and worth revisiting. Here’s hoping maybe we’ll get some spin-offs before too long.

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  • Not only this, but since people only theorised that Ducktales, Talespin and Darkwing Duck were connected (Darkwing was definitely not, the creator even said this), Ducktales has been dropping information ever since episode that they were, showing all the locations on a map! Now they sort of debuted Darkwing Duck in Ducktales with alleged plans to bring him in to the actual show outside of the ‘show in a show’ cameo… I love where they’ve taken Ducktales 😀 It’s gotten so great it’s that rare show that’s surpassed the original.

    • how could one even say that darkwing duck and Ducktaltes arent connected when they both have Launchpad McQuack in them

    • Also for @thyco

      I started revisiting the old cartoon a while ago (yes, it’s another one of those series I tried to get on DVD before Disney stopped releasing the volumes).

      In all, don’t think Darkwing Duck is really connected to Duck Tales. Darkwing Duck, to me, feels more like satire of the comic book hero genre. Including how some franchises converged/overlapped in (at times) very convoluted ways.

      As for the new series, I have enough in my library for now so maybe years later (if Disney never pulls its frozen head out of a fresh arse and release series on BluRay).

      • In all, don’t think Darkwing Duck is really connected to Duck Tales.

        Despite sharing main characters and having characters like Gizmoduck cameo?

        • Like I said, I think Darkwing is more a satirical take on comic books.

          There’s no denying Darkwing is an absolute piss-take on Batman and the appearance of other characters and elements is the same as how comics often have cross overs.

          At most, Darkwing could be considered a non-cannon spin-off.

          But more to the point, who freaking cares? I’m only just sharing an objective take on the franchise. On a personal level I don’t care – I only watch for the fun.

  • Am i the only one who is just excited to see Don Karnage again. No okay i’ll go back to watching tailspin on re run on the way home.

    And when is rescue rangers going to get some more love while i’m here ?

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