The First Shazam! Trailer Finally Lets The DC Universe Have Some Fun

After Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League, all of which exist in the same universe, Shazam! looks like it’s going to be a breath of fresh air for the DC Extended Universe. Very happy, very silly fresh air.

If you’re unfamiliar with the classic superhero and/or not been following io9’s coverage, Shazam the superhero is, in fact, a young boy named Billy Batson (played by Asher Angel), who transforms into an adult superhero (Chuck‘s Zachary Levi) when he yells “Shazam!” As the trailer shows, Billy is totally down with his new powers — and his new age.

Directed by David F. Sandberg, starring Zachary Levi and Shazam also stars Mark Strong as the villain Dr. Silva, Djimon Hounsou as the Wizard that grants Billy his powers and more.

Shazam! shazams it’s way into theatres on April 2019.


  • God, I loved this trailer so much, truly they captured the spirit of the comic, the fun of the comic AND the heart of the movie ‘Big’. Anyone who thinks Shazam himself is overly serious btw, needs to actually read the comics. It’s just like this.

    • Depending on which ones you read sadly. There have been a few where Shazam (Captain Marvel) was pretty dour and serious. And they’re just not fun 🙁

      also stars Mark Strong as the villain Dr. Silva

      That would be Dr Sivana. Sheesh! And on that note, while I quite like Strong as an actor I don’t think he fits the role. Sivana is a wizened, old scientist. Strong seems too… well strong for the part.

      I’d also say Justice League was actually the first real step in the right direction. They had more humour, it was serious when it needed to be, funny when it was “right”. And of the three with Superman it’s the first where I thought they nailed his character. That said, I felt Flash (especially) and Aquaman (a little) were too jokey.

  • This looks fun, but that muscle suit is seriously distracting. Was Levi not able to bulk up enough in time, or was this look intentional?
    Absolutely love the suit, BTW.

    • I remember he was hired pretty quickly? Personally I don’t mind the suit, in the sense Shazam is meant to be a bit absurd. However, for part 2 I do hope Levi bulks up a little bit instead of the severe rubber muscle look?

      • I saw some photos that had Levi as being pretty ripped… I think there was some talk about the suit being done like that to make it a bit more over the top, like what a kid would picture as a superhero being like.

        • It’s the kids imagination of what he would look like as a superhero so it makes sense. The wizard certainly didn’t give him it, well I would hope not…

  • While I like the trailer and how the movie comes off as something different, it does bring up my biggest problem with all the DC Universe stuff so far: A weird mess of tones and consistency. Marvel has success because it keeps a majority of it’s stuff on a single tone, so when they do a big crossover movie, it all fits. Even Guardians with it’s goofy loud style was able to lock into The Avengers because Marvel allowed other films to have that same humor from time to time.

    DC on the other hand, has no clue what it’s doing. It has all the serious Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman films, then went weird with Suicide Squad, then back to serious for Justice League. Next it shows Shazam as a lighter, almost “made for TV movie” style and a serious Aquaman movie in the same weekend. It really makes me wonder if Shazam was a good choice for the movies instead of TV. I could see this Shazam next to the TV Flash, Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow, not standing next to Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman or whoever Batman is this week.

    DC’s animation side cannot be touched, but my god does the live action side of things needs someone to take charge, lock down people for multi-movie deals and work out an overall plan for the movie series. Cause in it’s current state, it’s just looking weird and easy to skip.

    • I agree the whole first few movies don’t fit. But, if you take the tonal styles we just saw with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and even Shazam right there? They fit together stylistically at least. The earlier ones? Hell no. You’re right in that sense. So lets hope from now on they stick with this. Like Grace Randolph said, it’s shocking how close to the comics Shazam and Aquaman are, tonally, visually, everything. WW, Shazam and Aquaman are. Before them? Nothing was in DC. So somethings happened, let’s hope it pays off…

    • I actually feel like the DC universe has been steadily changing in tone. and for the better. It started grim and depressing but it’s been getting lighter and more hopeful in tone. I’m not sure if that was their plan, or whether it’s just been a case of them reacting to public opinion.

      While Justice League had serious moments I think it’s tone was a lot better. It felt optimistic and it built from a dour place to an inspiring result – the heroes working together, saving innocent bystanders and in the credits scene having a bit of fun. I also think Wonder Woman absolutely nailed it’s tone. I think it was just about perfect in it’s balance of serious/funny.

      I think Shazam is a great choice for the movies, they can genuinely make a G or PG movie instead of PG-13. Or from an Aussie point of view PG instead of M.

    • I find it weird that this is common consensus, because different tones makes sense to me considering these are different characters. A hero who is essentially a kid won’t be a dark romp but you can’t expect the same from Bruce Wayne who witnessed first hand the brutal murder of his parents and lives eternally with their suffering upon him, but apparently we’re meant to expect him to crack jokes as he unleashes his demons upon the plague that ravage the city his parents put their life’s work into.

      • This. And the tone of marvels drastically changed since the start of the MCU, look at Thor vs Thor Ragnarok. Everything is different with basically only sharing in namesake.
        If I want to watch batman I want a dark gritty movie but I want something like shazam to be a fun light action film. You can’t have the same tone without failing one or both.

  • I’m happy DC is showcasing some it’s other characters. Superman and Batman have been done to death. I still think a definitive Superman movie still needs to be made, but Batman should be shelved for now. And if they do bring him back no jokes. Batman’s dark people just accept it.

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