This Cheese Burger Is Not Screwing Around

This Cheese Burger Is Not Screwing Around
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Dom Dom Burger, Japan’s first fast-food hamburger chain, has rolled out a limited edition cheeseburger, which features two beef patties, onions, tomato, a slice of yellow cheese, and Camembert cheese for buns. Goodness.

That’s right, thick slices of Camembert cheese take the place of buns. No doubt Dom Dom Burger is offering such a strange burger because it has to compete with behemoths such as McDonald’s.

The burger itself is ¥980 ($12), and there are meal deals with a drink and fries. The Camembert Burger will be available until August 31.

Supposedly, it’s good if you are into cheese, burgers and calories.


  • As a cheese connoisseur I find this offensive. Camembert (if it is the real Camembert de Normandie) is getting rarer due to the difficulty of manufacture. Wasting the fine taste of Camembert with fatty beef, egg and tomato (not to mention additional -plastic- cheese, is a crying shame. Not to mention the probability of the sheer quantity of Camembert involved simply overwhelming the burger’s other ingredients. Then you’ve got the texture problem… eugh.

    • I agree, we’ve all had the crazy midnight thought of using brie or camembert as buns but we come to our senses before its too late.

      Now I appreciate Japan for it’s quirkyness but this is border line vulgar. Someone needs to sit Dom Dom down and have talk with them.

    • I’d also be worried about structural integrity. Camembert can get quite runny when warmed up – not sure it’s a good idea to whack a hot beef patty directly onto it.

      • That was my first thought too. It’d be a horrendous mess of melting cheese running down your arms as you try to eat it.

    • This feels like somehow the company got some kind of deal that left them with a warehouse full of Camembert and no idea how to make use of it.

    • Rest easy, because there’s no way in hell that’s real Camembert. Cheese in Japan is nnnnot good.

    • Buttered corn is quite popular in Asia.
      It’s like the goto side dish when they can’t figure out what else to put with it.

      BBQ Ribs – on a plate of buttered corn
      Cordon Bleu – on a plate of buttered corn
      Pork Cutlet – on a plate of buttered corn

      and I am not talking a little side like they have above… I am talking a whole can of corn kernels upended on a plate…

  • I loves me some cheese, but not like this. MAYBE brie instead? The mess of trying to eat this burger would be unbelievable. Definitely something to attempt at home instead of in public, but the “buns” would probably be melted through by the time you got home. Plus it’s unlikely you could enjoy the other flavours that are competing with two whole wheels of camembert. Yeah Nah.

  • Hah! Well done, Dom Dom. Though this really should be named a Super Deluxe Cheeseburger Grandé.

  • Edam everybody’s havarti-ing a go at this burger. May-brie we should give it a feta go and try it. You never know, it could taste gouda.

  • Reminds me of my mates bar, they had a burger called ‘The Sid’ which was; 220 gram beef patty, bacon, double cheese, a fried, crackerdust crusted wheel of brie, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, sriracha, and drunken seeded mustard onion jam.

    I had one when they came out, damn it was good.

    • drunken seeded mustard onion jam
      What is that? The seeds are drunk? The mustard was seeded by a drunk?

      • It would imply there is alcohol used in the cooking method, most likely a bourbon or Tennessee whiskey knowing them.

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