Watch The Haunting Trailer For Cartoon Network's Long-Awaited Infinity Train Series

Tulip is a long, long way from home in the first new footage from Infinity Train. (Image: Cartoon Network)

In 2016, Cartoon Network launched a short animated film called Infinity Train as part of its pilot program and it quickly became a viral hit. And yet, it would take another two years for the channel to finally confirm it would turn the short into a full series. Now, we have an intriguing first look.

Created by Regular Show's Owen Dennis, Infinity Train, just like the short, will follow Tulip, as she finds herself far from home and on the mysterious and sinister titular train.

It doesn't tell us much, but more Infinity Train is something people have been asking for for years at this point and it's finally happening! The Infinity Train series is set to launch in 2019, but for now, why don't you relive the magic of the original short below?


    I really hope they keep that art style for the whole series.... Those backgrounds are amazing

    That pilot was pretty cool! The trailer didn't do much for me.

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