What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is a great opportunity to catch up on chores, phone calls, games ... and work.

Precisely what constitutes work, however, varies from person for person. For instance: the Gfinity Elite series is wrapping up this weekend, crowning victors for Rocket League, CS:GO and Street Fighter V. I'm not sure whether I'll be going in person just yet, since I've got a ton of other work that also requires doing.

On the bright side, some of that is game related. I've got a laptop or two that needs to finish testing, and I'll probably fire that up over a board game while at least the benchmarks and battery runs down. I'd like to see if my original gut feeling about the Fallout board game still holds, although it's been a fair while since I've played it.

Besides that, it'll be a chores-r-us couple of days. But what about yourselves - what are you playing this weekend?


    I was trying to get back on board the Fortnite train but I'm over it. To be fair, I was playing mostly solo (which is quite hard) and wasn't playing with friends often, and with friends, the game can be fun.

    I'm revisiting The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4.

    Been playing Destiny 2 non-stop since it's free weekend, will probably continue to grind out Iron Banner because I dig the look of the exclusive Hunter Armor.

    Just downloaded fortnite to see how it goes with gyro controls.

    Also getting octopath traveler, and still have to finish wolvenstein 2 and hollow knight.

    I'm not getting much else done this... month.

    Just picked up pillars of eternity last night so hopefully starting that up otherwise its family time

    I'm going to be ploughing through Witcher 3. (Puns!) After skipping Novigrad and then finding it was compulsory to progress the main questline the story pacing has slowed to a screeching halt as it seems this particular chapter is stuffed full of "Talk to X" quests.

    Picking up a copy of Octopath Traveler today! It's been a while since I had a good RPG to sink my teeth into.

    Octopath Traveler. Seems like a brilliant one for the daily commute. A bit more hollow knight but the difficulty spiked pretty quickly.

    Just finished BioShock 2, so I'll probably be going through Minerva's Den and Infinite.

      Minerva's Den is probably my favorite standalone Bioshock story. I hope you have fun with it

    Just downloaded the Fortnite update and also Warframe on my Xbox.
    Tossing up whether to get back into Minecraft on the Switch with that new bedrock update, or whether to risk it and get Octopath Traveler.


    God Of War. One of those Muspelheim keys left to get, then Surtr’s trial, and I’m done. Just have to wrap up Niflheim and the Platinum will be mine.

    It’ll be my first non-Telltale one :3

    Moving house and taking my grandmother for a birthday treat will take up most of my time.

    However, I may still find some time for some Blood Bowl 2 and finishing the last couple of spouse oaths in Dynasty Warriors Next.

    Have jumped back into Elite:Dangerous over the last few days. I'll be working towards getting Elite in trade & exploration.

    ~6 hours into Ys VIII Switch edition, really starting to get into it.

    If I'm in front of my PC, it'll be Shovel Knight, if I end up in the lounge room, plowing through more of Kingdom Hearts

    Going to pick up where I left off in Octopath!

    Finally got around to playing Prey and I'm a goddamn fool for not doing it earlier.

    This is the System Shock sequel I've wanted for fifteen years.

      I've thought about picking this up. I think i should really!

        I've been trying to fill the SS2-shaped hole in my heart since high school.

        I feel like now I can begin to l̶i̶v̶e̶ hit things with a wrench again.

    Completed the tiny tina DLC for borderlands 2 last night so might mop up the outstanding side quests in that
    Likely more mount and blade because that has it's hooks into me again

    Some Destiny 2 - got my first character to 385 last night thanks to some Escalation Protocol, so will be finishing my milestones and looking to do some more of that with my other characters. Also likely some Absolver - picked it up from PS+ this month, and really loving the combat - not often you see bagua-like styles outside of pure roster fighting games... a pity it's so PvP-focused.

    Flying to Japan tomorrow so I'll be doing some rare portable gaming. Just bought Gorogoa for my tablet so I'll have a look at that. Might also have a look at what's on my Vita - maybe pick up my ancient replay of FFVII.

    XCOM2 with War of the Chosen expansion. I'd played the base game on PC, but recently got the PS4 version through PSPlus and thought it a great excuse to now grab the expansion and replay.
    I'm really impressed with the handling of the PS4 version and the way they set up command shortcuts on the controller and such. Like, I was dubious about playing without a mouse, but it's been great.
    And the Chosen expansion is fantastic. The tone is a bit hilariously camp now, with the constant taunting from the Chosen villains and they way they're all "I'll get you next time" *shakes fist* at the end of each episode (level) they appear in. But it's just so epic, so much to love, and more replayable than ever. Loving it.

    Restarting The Witcher 3. Was enjoying it a few years ago but got stuck in an underground lair thing. It made me rage quit and delete the game. Hoping it goes better this time.

    Picked up Dark Souls remastered today. My first Dark souls game (dabbled in Bloodborne) so I’ll probably get deep into that this weekend (or rage quit and find something else to do)

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