Adventure Time’s Series Finale Comes With Its Own Soundtrack

Adventure Time’s Series Finale Comes With Its Own Soundtrack

Adventure Time is coming to a close, after 10 glorious seasons, with an epic battle the likes of which we’ve never seen. So, it only makes sense that the finale, “Come Along With Me”, will have its own epic soundtrack.

As reported by Nerdist, Adventure Time is releasing a soundtrack for its series finale, which sees Finn searching for a way to stop the Great Gum War between Princess Bubblegum’s Candy Kingdom and the realm of Gumbaldia.

The soundtrack features original music by show composer Tim Kiefer, along with a full-length version of “Island Song” by Ashley Eriksson, and appearances by Willow Smith and Bettie Ward, among others.

However, the most-anticipated track on the album comes from Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar. She wrote a song called “Time Adventure” that will feature appearances from Niki Yang, Hynden Walch, Olivia Olsen and others. Sugar performed the song at San Diego Comic-Con, which you can watch below. And here’s a snippet of the lyrics:

Time is an illusion that helps things make sense

So we’re always living in the present tense

It seems unforgiving when a good thing ends

But you and I will always be back then

Great, now I’m crying.

The soundtrack comes out on September 1, three days before Adventure Time airs its final episode on September 4. Mondo is also making a vinyl edition, which will ship out sometime in October. The track list is below.

1. “Main Title (feat. Willow Smith)”

2. “You And Your Brain”

3. “Climb Time”

4. “Memory Strings”

5. “A Bad Omen”

6. “War Chant”

7. “Mind Matters”

8. “Imagination A Dream (feat. Bettie Ward)”

9. “Gum Shoes”

10. “In Our Minds”

11. “Kingdom Gum”

12. “Nightmare Hangover”

13. “March On The Monster”

14. “Nothing Was Real”

15. “Drooly Dread”

16. “Bubbling”

17. “Last Defence”

18. “Out Of Home”

19. “Time Adventure (featuring Niki Yang, Hynden Walch, Olivia Olsen and more)”

20. “Sun Cycles”

21. “Clouds”

22. “Island Song”

23. “Waving To You”

Adventure Time is available to stream on Stan.

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