Chinese Gaming Console ‘SUBOR’ Powered By ‘Semi-Custom’ AMD Hardware

Chinese Gaming Console ‘SUBOR’ Powered By ‘Semi-Custom’ AMD Hardware
Image: AMD

With both the Xbox One and PS4 packing GCN-based hardware, it’s fair to say AMD has the high-end console market covered. So, it’s no surprise Zhongshan Subor, a China-based electronics company, wants AMD in its own console, the “SUBOR”, which it plans to release by the end of the year.

AMD will provide Zhongshan Subor with “semi-custom” versions of its Zen and Vega chips, according to a post by AMD VP Jack Huynh. The system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs will be paired with 3GHz, quad-core Ryzen CPUs and 8GB of GDDR5.

The SUBOR console will have a PC counterpart — both will come with the same hardware — however, Huynh mentions the console will run a “customised operating system”.

Somehow, I don’t think we’ll ever see the SUBOR on Australian shores, but if you want something similar, AMD is happy to accommodate anyone after custom chips. You might need a spare couple million in the bank, though.

New AMD Semi-Custom SOC Combines the Power of AMD Ryzen CPU and AMD Vega GPU for Gamers in China [AMD, via VentureBeat]


  • I’ll never understand why the Chinese government didn’t get onboard with the original Xbox One units. Built-in mics and cameras that can’t be disabled. How is that not the perfect Chinese console? Uncle Xi must be kicking himself.


  • With the exception of the One X’s 12GB of ram every spec on this thing either handily beats (GPU) or outright kicks the snot out of (CPU) the current gen consoles. Subor are making a bold early play here to grab future market share in a massive untapped Chinese market.

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