Top PUBG Streamer Stops Playing With Hackers And Starts Sniping Them Instead

Top PUBG Streamer Stops Playing With Hackers And Starts Sniping Them Instead
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Earlier this month, one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, landed himself in hot water by taking a ride with a hacker who had figured out how to Mary Poppins entire cars into the sky. Shroud has since changed his ways.

During a stream yesterday, Shroud encountered a notorious car hacker; people claim that this player has heaps of accounts to avoid getting perma-banned.

The hacker soared above the map like a flock of birds, or perhaps like a single (depending on your perspective) Goku. Shroud decided he’d had enough.

“I think I can kill him,” Shroud said nonchalantly. Then he aimed down the sights and fired just twice. That was all it took. The hacker died, and the car plummeted out of the sky. Shroud also finished off the hacker’s passenger-in-crime, just for good measure.

But Shroud had just given this renegade the perfect revenge quest. The hacker came back and continued to hound Shroud and his duos partner. After an early-match death at the hacker’s hands, Shroud quit out of PUBG altogether.

“He’s just gonna keep flying and killing us, flying and killing us,” said a visibly fed-up Shroud. “I’m done. I’m not playing anymore.” Victory for the hacker.

These types of hackers often pick on big streamers to advertise their custom cheats, and if PUBG’s developers can’t even tear the car wings off a hacker this brazen, the game’s cheating woes will likely continue.


  • Shame this devs of this game still havnt fixed it.
    You never hear about hacking in fortnite

    • Agreed. I played pubg for a little while (comparatively) and it was not so bad in first person, but 3rd person was infested with hackers. Every other game I would be killed by a hacker. For all the shit fortnite gets, I have a lot of fun, especially playing with mates. They have great regular updates to keep you interested, and Epic are very active on forums. and while I am not a fan of micro transactions, their model seems somewhat fair. It’s a pity because PUBG could have had it all…

    • Maybe not, but you do seem to hear more about creepy ‘adults’ saying explicit and salacious crap to kids in Fortite, amongst other things…

  • The developers will allow more hackers in order to have pro streamers try to stop them for views.

  • Did he actually hack the game or is he merely exploiting a bug that exists in the game?

    If it’s the former then screw the guy, ban him and figure out how to stop the hack. If it’s the latter, well it may not be nice but if it’s a bug the devs left in, then I wouldn’t ban the guy for exploiting it. I’d blame the devs for not fixing it.

    On a related note, I’ve always believed that the best way to deal with hackers is not to ban them it’s to nerf them (or buff others against them). For example, when you detect the hack you could reduce the damage they deal so they may headshot people but it doesn’t kill them. Or the other people suddenly do quadruple damage against anyone detected hacking. Basically make life hell for the hacker and let the other players own them.

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