Vampyr Gets Optioned For A TV Series

Out of all the games this year to get optioned for a TV series, it’s safe to say most probably weren’t thinking about Vampyr.

Deadline has reported that Fox 21 Television Studios has optioned the rights to Dontnod’s action-RPG. The deal will see McG feature as executive producer and director, as McG’s Wonderland Sound & Vision (along with DJ2 Entertainment) have been brought on board.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”I Accidentally Killed Someone In Vampyr And Feel Awful” excerpt=”Vampyr’s combat might not be good, but its world is full of intrigue and difficult decisions. As fledgling vampire Dr Jonathan Reid learns more about his powers, the player also learns the ins and outs of being a vampire. Recently, a misunderstanding of game mechanics resulted in me killing someone by accident. It was horrible, but a great example of what the game does best.”]

That’s more or less the maximum that’s publicly known, although the idea of bringing Vampyr over to a TV series is intriguing. Dontnod’s recreation of 1918 London was more fascinating for the characters and moral quandaries posed, as opposed to the combat or broader gameplay mechanics. As long as there’s no filler episodes with Dr. Jonathan Reid feeding on rats to level up, I’ll give it a shot.


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